Mother Went to Her Daughter’s Wedding Not Expecting to Suddenly Become a Fiancée Herself


After watching the TikTok video of a one-minute-long, netizen-worthy TikTok video, which went viral in July 2022, Netizens were moved to tears. It was a scene from a woman’s wedding, where her mother was stunned by an unexpected event that left guests shocked.

Many girls wish to walk down the aisle wearing a beautiful, white dress. They want everything to go smoothly on the big day, when they stand beside the man of their dreams in front of all their loved ones.

Even though the woman in today’s story hoped for a perfect wedding, she had other ideas. This woman was not like most brides. She wanted to share her limelight and be with someone special.

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A video of Chloe Robinson’s July 10, 2022 performance surfacedTikTok showed her standing at her wedding venue, wearing a stunning white gown with a floral bouquet in her hands.

1.5M users of TikTok were intrigued by Robinson’s unique bouquet toss ritual. The video begins with Robinson preparing to throw the bouquet behind her back. This is where her bridesmaids, and other female friends, stood.

Robinson pulled the tail of the white dress she was wearing and wrapped it around her left shoulder before she began tossing her bouquet. Robinson pretended to toss the bouquet on the first two attempts, but she turned her back on the third attempt and instead of throwing it.

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The tradition of putting the bouquet in the vase is one that brides continue to enjoy. It is believed that the one who captures the bouquet from the bride will be blessed with good fortune and may even become the next to tie the knot.

Robinson was quickly replaced by her mother, who became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Robinson StandingThe guests wanted to see who would grab the bouquet so they threw it behind their backs. The bride had another idea in her head, they didn’t realize.

The bouquet is held by Chloe Robinson | Source:


While the guests waited anxiously to see Robinson’s bouquet go, Robinson turned her back and walked towards her mother. She was standing beside her with the other women.

Robinson, smiling from ear to ear with a smile, handed the flowers to Robinson’s mother. Robinson was greeted by a man who emerged from the crowd and got down on his knees before Robinson’s mother.

The mother’s husband was the man who had dated the woman. PlannedRobinson sharing this wonderful moment. Robinson’s mother, Robinson, is seen weeping after her partner proposed to her.

Chloe Robinson, her mother, and other guests. | Source:

It’s a beautiful moment

Robinson’s mother was cheered by her guests as she took out the box of the ring and placed it on Robinson’s finger. After the bride posted the moment on TikTok it became viral. Submitted:

“Dear Mum, it’s your time now.”

Robinson quickly became Robinson’s mother and was the center of attention. Robinson was not like other brides. She didn’t feel awkward sharing her big day and mother with them. She :

“This is my mum, she gave me away, so I wanted her to match me.”

Chloe Robinson with her mother and guests. | Source:


The video was so touching that users left emotional comments below it. After witnessing Robinson’s selflessness, they were stunned. These are just a few of the words viewers left below Robinson’s post.

“Don’t get engaged at someone else’s wedding. Memory will always be attached to them. Who wears white to a wedding? Is the fiancé that woman beside her?”

― (@1_jan_9) July 19, 2022

“Beautiful moment !! Cherish your mom. Mine is gone, and I would do anything to have her back !! Love this.”

— (@shilunfiltered) July 12, 2022

Chloe Robinson with her mother and guests. | Source:

“Ahhh, I was shouting at the phone for the lady in blue to let your mum go!!! That was their special moment.”

— (@amelia…2020) July 15, 2022

“So not a “Not on MY day.” “No one rules over children” “It’s all about me” kind of bride. Beautiful. What a day to spread the love. Congratulations all.”

— (@lilolinm) July 13, 2022

What did you think of the surprise proposal? Is it possible that Robinson’s mother or her partner should have chosen a different day to celebrate their love? Would you let someone else take the spotlight on your special day?

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