Mother of college girl found dead in road by her mother wants to know the truth

It’s hard to believe that someone could just abandon her.

Bianca Kanu speaks two weeks after her daughter Mia Kanu’s mysterious death.

Her body was found on the side of the road when she was returning home to Michigan from Tennessee State University for the summer.

Mia’s fate is still unknown. Authorities have not yet determined if she fell out or was pushed.

Mia, according to her mother, had been hanging out a lot with a different group of girls at the time she died.

Biana had some concerns about her new friends. As a mom, there were certain things that didn’t add up.

Even more astonished is she by what didn’t happen the night that her daughter died.

No one called 911 and nobody returned. “If that’s your buddy?” Bianca says.

Mia’s night began like many other college students home for break.

Authorities say that she went to a party at whose house there had been an argument.

Mia left the party, and it was reported that she got in a car along with two of her friends – one man and one woman. Mia is believed to be in the rear seat and the two other people were up front.

Bianca is devastated by this news. “The next I know… they have video surveillance that shows her being pushed, falling or being taken out of the vehicle,” she says.

Although the police continue to investigate the death, they say that there is no evidence yet showing Mia’s assault on the 3rd of June when she found her in the road. The two-day wait was followed by her death.

It doesn’t matter what I say, I can never put this together. Bianca declares, “This has been traumatic.”

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