Morgan’s pregnancy storyline is not predictable: The good doctor avoids the most predictable twists

Morgan's pregnancy storyline is not predictable: The good doctor avoids the most predictable twists

Spoilers for Episode 28 of November 28 on NBC The Good DoctorIt is also known as “Boys Don’t Cry.”

The Good Doctor’s first episode following It was a significant milestone The story was intense from beginning to end. Characters were divided into teams in order to save six of their lives, who had been delivered much sooner than expected. Meanwhile, Shaun Lea She received devastating news that she was unable to conceive at the exact moment they wanted to begin trying to have a child. Miscarriage in Season 4. She is, for her part. Morgan It is not a waste of time In the 100th Episode, her decision Actively working towards having her baby. The Good Doctor She has stayed away from the obvious…so far. 

Morgan spent her time between looking after one of the sextuplets and sorting through possible sperm donors for her baby. She was, of course, paired up with Park throughout the episode, as the baby he was caring for was the twin to hers, and they had no choice but to work together despite the post-breakup awkwardness that still hasn’t gone away. When he accused her of searching Tinder, she told him what she was really doing, and he didn’t exactly start congratulating her. 

After some back and forth about whether she’d be able to find the right guy if she had a baby first – which Morgan rightfully shot down as an argument – and pointing out the factors about a person that she couldn’t possible know from a sperm donor profile, he offered to donate his own with no strings attached. A veteran TV viewer, it was easy to imagine how the couple would find a lot of strings after they agreed. Then, there were rekindled emotions during pregnancy and the pair falling in love again in time for the baby’s birth. 

Alternately, there is a more realistic version of the story that she could accept and try to have a child with him. Whatever the outcome, it didn’t even take me until the commercial break to feel convinced that she would accept his offer, and that would be their shared storyline for the rest of the season. 

So it came as a nice surprise when Morgan decided that she couldn’t accept his offer to donate sperm just to make sure that she personally knew the man who would provide half of her child’s genes. Morgan said she would not be able to see her child if she didn’t look down. He made it very clear that he was a good friend and understood. 

While there are still strong feelings between the two sides, The Good Doctor isn’t going the obvious route of them creating a child together, or getting right back together after having to examine how they still feel for each other. He actually agreed to assist her in narrowing down the list of possible sperm donors so she could find the perfect guy. 

The Good Doctor is seemingly moving forward with Morgan actively trying to have a child, and it’s avoiding predictable pitfalls so far after She doesn’t seem to know what she should do You can see earlier episodes of the series. See what’s next for Morgan with new episodes of The Good Doctor Every Monday at 10:10 p.m. ET on ABC. Our fall season is almost over. 2023 TV premiere schedule To start thinking ahead and to revisit previous episodes of the medical drama stream with a Hulu subscription

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