Morgan Freeman’s World Cup opening ceremony performance leaves viewers baffled

Morgan Freeman was once the actor who played God, but he has now set himself up for a stunning fall from grace.

The Oscar-winner was a surprising addition to the FIFA World Cup’s opening ceremony in Qatar on Sunday, with his performance raising eyebrows on a number of levels.

All celebrities who have endorsed the Gulf state in the run-up to the contest have come under fire thanks to the country’s shameful record on workers’ rights and its criminalisation of homosexuality.

But Freeman didn’t just help kick off the games, he helped promote the organisers’ staggeringly (and unintentionally) ironic message that “everyone is welcome” there.

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LGBTQ+ individuals who are found guilty of same-sex relationship could be sentenced to up to seven year imprisonment. Do you find that welcoming?

Freeman’s contribution saw him “called”Ghanim Al Muftah from Qatar, a YouTuber, stepped across the stage. He was asking: “Am I welcome?”

Al Muftah, a man with a rare spinal condition said: “We sent out the call because everyone is welcome, this is an invitation to the whole world.”

The duo suggested that other countries should accept Qatari hosting rights for the tournament in 2010. This seemed to address some criticisms of Qatar since Qatar was granted hosting rights in 2010. “way”You can do it.

“Instead of seeing another way, we dismissed it and demanded to see our own way. And now the world seems even more distant and divided,”Freeman spoke. “How can so many languages and cultures come together if only one way is accepted?”

We believe that LGBTQ+ rights must be recognized everywhere. No, we will not make any allowances. We are sorry, Qatar.

The Hollywood star’s sketch was met with vast scepticism and disapproval on social media, with viewers suggesting he was in it for the money but should have put moral and ethical values first:

Others found the production baffling for other reasons, with many pointing to Freeman and Al Muftah’s questionable lip-synching skills:

Freeman’s inclusion in the ceremony was controversial for other reasons, too.

The 2010 edition of the Shawshank Redemption Although icon was the face for the US bid to host World Cup, he stumbled during a crucial presentation.

Freeman, who was traveling to Zurich, Switzerland to present the final pitch with Bill Clinton, is well-known for his stumble while reading his speech.

“I’m sorry, I missed a page,”He said that at the time. His home country lost out to him on the gig.

Many believe the Qataris purposefully chose to manipulate their American counterparts by recruiting him to their cause. You can see why.

The most contentious cup in the world has gotten off to a very contentious start.

Let the fun begin!

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