More on ‘Our Kind of People’ Film and Location ? It’s Not Where You Think

More on ‘Our Kind of People’ Film and Location ? It's Not Where You ThinkPeople are lovingly spoiled with incredible TV. A new series is gearing up to be another fan favorite, complete with some fan-favorite actors from other beloved series, including Chicago Med’s Yaya DaCosta. Our Kind of People is a thriller drama series described as mixing Empire and Gilmore Girls. The characters are funny, and the setting is like a character in its own right.

Where was ‘Our Kind of People’ filmed?

Our Kind of People is set in Massachusetts, where we meet a single mother named Angela, played by Yaya. She hopes to join the upper classes of the Black community. She uncovers dark secrets about her family and the broader community as a result.

“Single mom, who risks it all and moves her family to a vineyard with hopes of taking her natural hair care line to the next level by infiltrating the African American elite in Oak Bluffs,” the IMDb storyline breakdown reads.

With the whole show set in Massachusetts, around Martha’s Vineyard, it would be easy to assume that’s the show’s filming location, but that’s not accurate in this case. According to IMDb, the show has several locations it shoots in — none in that state.

OUr Kind of People Season one


Most of the show is filmed in North Carolina. Production has scouted locations around the Cape Fear area to film the scenes in Our Kind of People, specifically choosing locations around Wilmington to create a convincing backdrop that resembles the vineyard area.

The show features many Wilmington-area locations, including the Brooklyn Arts Center, Landfall, and Wellesley Place. Overall, the area has been an enormous hit for productions lately, specifically over the summer when Our Kind of People was filming.

“It’s been an amazing spring and summer” for the local film industry, Bill Vassar, executive vice president of EUE / Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, said, according to StarNews Online.


“We’ve got a big backlog of stuff,” said Johnny Griffin of the Wilmington Regional Film Commission. “When more eyeballs see it and talk about where was it shot, they say, ‘Wow, they got that look in Wilmington?'”

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