Monday Night Raw’s Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan, and WWE fans are stunnedCinemablend | Cinemablend

Monday Night Raw's Seth Rollins was attacked by a fan, and WWE fans are stunnedCinemablend
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Monday Night RawThe latest issue had some unexpected chaos when a fan got into an argument with WWE superstar Seth Rollins. The moment immediately provoked stunned reactions from social media users. It was extremely scary, and people are asking lots of questions about the details. 

It happened just after Seth Rollins had gone up against Finn BálorIn the ring. Rollins defeated Bálor and did his typical heel walk away from the ring like he’s the baddest man on the planet. The camera suddenly captured a man who appeared and speared Rollins, then tried to fight him. The moment was fleeting. Briefly airedOn Monday Night RawThe video below shows the moment before cameras were removed.


The announcers reacted at first as if this was some unexpected arrival by another WWE superstar, but their quick silence definitely tipped off many at home that this wasn’t part of the show. It didn’t take long for videos from the audience to pop up, which show just how brutal the tackle was on Seth Rollins. 


The fan seems to have walked quite a ways to get down Seth Rollins, and continued attacking him on the ground. Alternate angles of the attack showed the fan got ahold of Rollins’ hair and pulled on it while WWE officials and security tried to pull him off. 


It’s impressive that Seth Rollins managed to stay in character throughout the entire attack, especially given that he likely had no idea who that guy was and what his intentions were. This had to be an intentional attack. Scary momentBackstage: Most importantly, his wife.Current Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch

As for what became of the attacker, there’s video footage of security removing the man through the building. Apparently, security didn’t want to take him out through the backstage area, as the video shows officials leading him up the ramp as fans jeered and made comments to him.


Rollins appears to be fine, which is the best thing anyone can hope for. He was seen laughing with fans. ShowboatingThe fan was taken out not long after, which is quite impressive considering all that had just happened. 


While fan attacks against WWE superstars are uncommon, they do occasionally happen. A notable example of this was when a A fan ran for the ringTaken WWE Legend and Cancer survivor Bret Harthis downfall. Hall of Fame speech. That man was ultimately charged for tackling Hart, so one has to think the same could happen for Seth Rollins’ attacker on Monday Night Raw. Of course, we can only wait and see and hope this isn’t some It’s a strange twist! Red Notice egg skit

Monday Night RawUSA airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. Here’s hoping future episodes don’t have any more participants from the cheap seats that jump in on the fray, and that fans leave the fighting to the professional wrestlers in the ring.

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