Monarch Reveals Horrifying Secret About Dottie’s. But, Is the Bombshell Still To Come!

Monarch Reveals Horrifying Secret About Dottie's. But, Is the Bombshell Still To Come!

Warning! Warning! MonarchEpisode “Death And Christmas.”Read at your own risk

MonarchDid it? “Christmas” episode super early considering we’re still in fall on the 2022 TV ScheduleIt was, however, by design. The Roman family filmed its annual holiday special so it’d be ready in time for the holidays, and between all the fun and fake Christmas cheer, they continued to wrestle with some dark secrets. These were some possible answers. Albie’s investigation in Dottie’s “unforgivable”Act, but is there another bombshell in the pipeline?

That’s certainly up for debate after the latest reveal, in which Dottie’s sister GigiAlbie discovered a horrifying secret that was linked to Dottie’s past and Albie. Let’s break down the moment, and if that’s the big thing we’re waiting on, or if there’s more to come.

Albie was shocked at what Gigi had to say about Dottie

Albie was reminded by Gigi of a barnfire that occurred 40 years ago, but Gigi informed him that the fire went down in a different manner than he believed. Albie believed that the fire originated from his. “lady friend”Rosa and Dottie were in the barn when it burned. Rosa skipped town to avoid trouble. Gigi revealed that wasn’t the actual story, and that it was Dottie who burned down the barn with Rosa inside of it. Gigi believed that Rosa was killed inside the fire, which was Dottie’s intention all along. These characters sometimes make it seem easy. It is hard to love this cast!

Albie couldn’t believe that Dottie would do such a thing, but Gigi had receipts to help justify her story. Gigi pointed out that Dottie’s horses were removed from the barn ahead of the fire, and that Dottie wanted to remove any person she saw as a threat to her and Albie’s future together. Albie was rattled by the news, and there was definitely a sense at the episode’s end that the MonarchGigi was right, and patriarch finally believed it.

Are You Seeing The Secret, or Is There A Bigger Bombshell on The Way?

Dottie’s murder of a rival to her relationship is hot gossip. But something is odd about this. Monarch’s big reveal. Unlike Kayla’s pregnancy drama or some of the other wild things we’ve seen, it’s not immediately clear how this barn fire decades ago plays into the story. It certainly doesn’t seem like the type of thing Dottie would confess to decades later, and then orchestrate An assisted suicide over. Gigi hinted that Dottie’s done a lot of questionable things in her past, so it’s hard to believe this one incident was what she was referring to.

I think it’s possible that there’s a bigger transgression Dottie hid that is still on the way. No disrespect to Rosa, but I’m not sure how killing a girlfriend forty years ago plays into the modern-day story and would eventually drive to Albie Murdering someone cold bloody. Perhaps the coming weeks will bring more answers on how it’s connected, or we’ll get a bigger reveal that shows what Dottie was really worried about.

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