Mohanlal’s Big Brother Full Movie Download To Watch Online Leaked By Tamilrockers & TamilMv | Will It Influence The Audience?

Mohanlal’s Big Brother got leaked in various sites right after the film got released. The film was released on 16th January 2020. Big Brother is a Malayalam-Language action thriller film that stars Mohanlal, Arbaaz Khan, Anoop Menon, Sarjano Khalid, Honey Rose, Siddique, Vishnu Unnikrishnan in lead roles.

The film was written and directed by Siddique, produced by S Talkies, Shaman International, & Carnival Movie Network banners. Mohanlal will be seen as Sachidanandan who was sentenced to jail for 24 years for unintentional murder. What happens next is after Sachidanandan comes across a drug dealer and an IPS officer named Vedantham.

Big Brother Leaked

The film was leaked by pirate sites on the release day. Though every film is leaked these days, a big film like Big Brother leaking on the first day came as a surprise for many fans and film lovers. This might lead to the audience watching the film online.

In case you didn’t know, almost every film is leaked in the first few days. There are many people who watch movies by downloading them from piracy sites. It is our responsibility to inform you that downloading pirated movies is an illegal practice and it is punishable by law.

Films like Big Brother are usually made with big budgets with huge cast and crew. They are shot at expensive locations and huge efforts are put in to make the film look grand. And you can only experience the grandeur on the big screen. So we suggest you watch the film on big screens.

As per the film’s Wikipedia page, the film said to be made with 32 crores. So the film needs to run in theaters for some days for it to recover the money that is invested. The film being availble for download on the internet is certainly a worrying thing for the makers. We wish they achieve break even.



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