Missouri School Bus Driver Honored for Wearing Quirky Costumes to Children’s Pleasure as Employee of The Year

Kevin Huges, a bus driver, goes to work in outfits that will turn heads.

Why is Kevin not content to travel Missouri roads in jeans, a tee-shirt and sneakers?

“These are trying times and I’m just putting a little fun in the workplace,”He told KMOV. “If I’ve made you laugh, I’ve done my job.”

He does that part of the job. Kevin excels at getting children to school safely.

This is why he was named employee of the year by the transportation department.

He’s fortunate to work at a place that rewards him with smiles for wearing leprechaun costumes near St. Patrick’s Day and bunny costumes around Easter.

“They love it,”He spoke of the children. “It all depends on the outfit. Sometimes they don’t understand them, but a lot of times they do.”

And now, the kids getting on the 229 bus are accustomed to being sent off to their day by Kevin bright smile and memorable outfits.

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