Ministers warn that the new Covid variant is “more infectious than Delta” and will most likely reach Britain.

THE dreadful Covid variant that is spreading through southern Africa, “more transmissible”Ministers today warned that Britain will soon be able to receive the Delta oil and other products.

Sajid Javid, Health Minister, spoke to MPs about the “Nu”Strain is a good thing. “huge international concern”Because it could evade our vaccines.

Sajid Javid gives an urgent Covid update today


Sajid Javid offers an urgent Covid update today

Mr Javid stated: “We are concerned that this new variant may pose substantial risk to public health. The variant has an unusual large number of mutations.”

He warned them “Nu”Mutation combined the Alpha, Beta, and Delta super-strains which surged through Britain during a pandemic.

The Health Secretary included early indications that the current vaccines are working. “may be less effective against it”.

As health officials raced in vain to find any cases, six countries including South Africa were added to the travel red cross list.

Grant Shapps, a Cabinet colleague, earlier warned Brits that the Nu mutation could soon be in the UK despite new border controls.

He claimed that the UK was “buying time”South Africa, Botswana Botswana Lesotho Eswatini Zimbabwe and Namibia were added to the government’s travel red list. “safety-first approach”.

These passengers will have to pay for a Government-approved hotel quarantine of 10 days for those arriving in the UK from these countries starting at 4am on Sunday.

Scientists all around the world are concerned about the “horrific”The virus variant has a number of mutations that spike protein, which could increase its transmissibility, make it more deadly, and reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

Dr. Hopkins stated that the variant was around a year old, as reported by BBC Radio 4’s Today program. “30 different mutations that seem relevant – that’s double what we had in Delta (variant)”.

She said, “If you look at these mutations, there are mutations which increase infectivity and mutations that evade natural immunity. Mutations that cause increased transmissibility.”

“It’s a highly complex mutation, there’s also new ones that we have never seen before.”

She claimed that the variant was the “most worrying”Scientists have seen much, but not all.

Brits should be “prepared for restrictions” in case of new variant threats

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