Millions of Red Crabs Spotted in Australia Migrating to Christmas Island to Mate

Western Australia’s Christmas Island has welcomed its annual migration of red crabs. 

Millions of crawling crimson crustaceans closed roads on the island. They could be seen making their way over a land bridge, headed towards the ocean.

There, they will mate and spawn.

After mating, the male crabs split for the jungle. Female red crabs stay near the water, where they will burrow and lay eggs. Each crab can produce as many as 100,000 eggs, which they hold in a pouch.

Christmas Island’s red crab population used to be much higher, but in recent years, over a quarter of them have been lost to the very invasive yellow crazy ants.

That’s all the more reason to close roads and make it easier for the crabs to get it on at the beach. 

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