Mike Wolfe continues to get flack for what’s going on with American Pickers. But he’s staying above the fray

Mike Wolfe continues to get flack for what's going on with American Pickers. But he's staying above the fray

American PickersNew episodes of History are currently being aired on History as part the summer TV scheduleNot all of the former fans will be happy with the new episodes. This is mostly due to Mike Wolfe, Mike Wolfe’s older brother and former History series host, replacing Frank Fritz with Mike Wolfe. The online furore has been building for months after Wolfe revealed Fritz had suffered a stroke. While the History host for many years has been a fixture on History, he chose to post about picking and his road trippin companion Francie. 

Mike Wolfe has been sharing positive posts TwitterSocial media such as Facebook and Instagram, are often about sharing personal experiences or moments from your life. A recent post highlights the fact that many fans are still upset at Robbie’s absence from the show and Frank’s exclusion. The post was actually about negotiations for an actor. “A.P. Simms Fine Whiskey jug,”Here’s an example of what kind of response reality star got. 


This isn’t the first time fans have been Angry at Frank Fritz’s social media posts and doubtless it isn’t the last. Some fans do appear to feel the same way. American PickersFrank Fritz and have spoken out about their need. These types of comments seemed to pick up after Frank Fritz’s recent hospitalization. But there seems still to be dissatisfaction over Mike and Frank splitting up the band. The ratings allegedly have been showing a decline in interest as well, though it’s worth noting TV ratings are down across the board as people continue to change their TV viewing habits. 

Although there are positive comments about Mike, they do not make it a bad post. You will also find some pro-Frank comments that are politer than the one above. One positive comment about Robbie appearing in the show’s past two seasons.


Mike Wolfe for his part has tried to remain above the fray. He’s shared lots of. PickersRecent posts that were motorcycle-oriented went viral after Jason Momoa teased a special project. Perhaps his most interesting social addition is his posting about Robbie, his new partner in road trippin’. 

Francie, Francie’s canine companion, was also on the road with him the other day. Take a look at this face!

There are a few reasons why the interest in the series has been higher in recent weeks. As mentioned, Mike broke the news that Frank was in hospital. Wolfe’s rep responded with a statement. “allow him time to heal”Fans shared their feelings about how the event went. Secondly, American PickersInterestingly, new episodes began airing on Saturdays again. This reminded people that Frank has passed and Robbie is his replacement. 

Good news! The good news? We’ll keep you posted if Frank’s camp has any comments on this. 

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