Mick Jagger’s Allegedly Wandering Eye, ‘Horndog’ Ways Supposedly Upsetting Girlfriend Melanie Hamrick, Sketchy Gossip Says

Are Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick on thin ice? One tabloid claims Hamrick is struggling to keep a leash on the rock and roll legend. Here’s what we know.

Mick Jagger ‘Got His Flirt On Again’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Mick Jagger just can’t be tamed, and it’s starting to wear on his relationship with Melanie Hamrick. Sources say Jagger is still trying to keep his options open despite settling down with Hamrick in 2014. “Playing the field is something he said he’d never do again, but the guy is his own worst enemy,” an insider divulges. “To be fair, women throw themselves at him and he’s a sucker for attention from a pretty face, but Melanie is frustrated.”

And sources say Hamrick’s desire to tie the knot hasn’t helped either. “They were going to be married but he’s getting cold feet and changing the topic and won’t commit to a date!” the tipster dishes. “Settling down seems to be the last thing he wants right now… He’s ogling women and hitting up cute girls on the sly, even drooling over Hollywood types like Megan Fox. Melanie didn’t think she’d have to worry about Mick—but horndogs are always the hardest to train!”

Mick Jagger ‘Roving Again’?

There is absolutely no way that Melanie Hamrick, Mick Jagger, or anyone close to them is leaking this kind of info to the tabloids. This report contains some seriously unsavory accusations, and no one would willingly spill that kind of information about their friends—let alone people as private as Jagger and Hamrick. Despite Jagger’s superstar status, he and Hamrick keep things pretty lowkey. Honestly, we can’t attest to how much time they spend together since they virtually never appear in photographs together.

And despite probably not even needing to, Hamrick still gets consistent work as a professional ballerina. And as far as Jagger goes, he seems to stay busy with his own endeavors.

We aren’t going to deny that Jagger has a history of being a womanizer, and that may still very well be the case. But we just don’t see any evidence to suggest Hamrick is currently up in arms about his wandering eye. The last time we saw the couple out together on a beach day a few months ago, they looked pretty carefree. While absolutely anything is possible, we aren’t seeing any cause for concern.

The Outlet On Other Celebrities’ Wandering Eyes

We certainly aren’t quick to believe the National Enquirer about anything, especially when it comes to Mick Jagger. The outlet memorably claimed last year that Jagger was paranoid he was going to die. But the magazine is also way-off just about every time it accuses a celebrity of having a “wandering eye.” Last year, the outlet also claimed Katie Holmes’ relationship with Emilio Vitolo fizzled out because of his “wandering eye.” And the publication even alleged that Catherine Zeta-Jones feared Michael Douglas would step out on her. Clearly, the Enquirer is no expert on any celebrity relationship.

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