Michigan Family Finds Out It’s Dead in Apparent Suicide. Judge Denies Wife Protective Order Request

In Michigan, four people were killed in a suicide-suicide that police believe was committed by four people. 

According to a release from the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department, the deceased have been identified as Tirany Lee Savage, 35, her son Dayton Cowdrey, 13, her mother Kim Lynnette Ebright, 58, and Bo Eugene Savage, 35, who according to court documents was Tirany’s husband. 

According to the release, although all four were shown to have gunshot wounds from which they could not be identified, authorities are still trying to identify the shooter.  

On Sunday morning, two unidentified persons entered the home to search for what the release called a “a”. “horrific and senseless tragedy.”

According to court documents Tirany filed an order for personal protection against Bo on 24 June. 

In the petition, Tirany disclosed her reasoning for the request. After declaring that her husband was having an affair with her, Tirany wrote:

“I asked him to be civil for a divorce and asked him to leave house and he refuses. I left and have been getting texts accusing me of being with other people and he has now been texting my friends threatening them because he thinks they told me to leave him, He is slamming things around the house and calling me names, telling me he won’t leave and he wants money,” the petition read. 

“He has mental health issues (he stopped taking his meds) and recently purchased a firearm and that is concerning to me. He keeps saying he is going to blow his brains out and I do not want my safety or my son’s safety in jeopardy.”

Tirany stated that Bo threatened to kill her or injure physically.

The request was denied on June 27th, due to “insufficient evidence,”According to Judge Troy B. Daniel’s ruling.

Daniel wrote, “Insufficient evidence of a showing of immediate and irreparable injury, loss or damage. Petitioner can request a restraining order in divorce case,”According to court documents.

On July 7, Tirany filed for divorce from Bo, three days before they were found dead, per the release. 

According to the sheriff’s department, the investigation continues. 

Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 or visit thehotline.org if you are experiencing domestic violence. 

All calls are confidential and toll-free. The hotline is accessible 24/7 in more than 170 different languages.

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