Michael B. Jordan’s J’Ouvert Rum is getting Renamed

The celebrated Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan faced significant backlash due to his self-curated rum brand, namely J’Ouvert. By the looks of it, the name of the brand J’Ouvert represents the beginning of Carnival in the heart of Trinidad.

Michael B. Jordan's J'Ouvert Rum is getting Renamed

Nevertheless, several users on the Internet pointed that a deeper and more insightful meaning behind the name, J’Ouvert ranges to the times of enslavement and freedom in the country. Several people on the Internet were seemingly enraged after learning the name of the rum. However, Jordon is not to be blamed as he didn’t understand the gravity of using the name as it would offend the people from the Caribbean.

Jordan accused of making a cultural appropriation

After becoming accused of the cultural appropriation of naming the run, be named as J’Ouvert and putting a trademark to it. The actor immediately issued an apology, and they revealed that he is willing to change the name of the rum brand.

Michael took it to Instagram and revealed that it was never his or his partners’ intention. Also, it wasn’t the intention to offend a distinctive culture that they love and respect.

Michael B. Jordan's J'Ouvert Rum is getting Renamed

Jordan also revealed that he spent his time doing a lot of listening, engaging in several conversations in the community and learning where the mistake was made. Jordan also revealed that he’d begun the process to rename the rum and provided a sincere apology.

Nicki Minaj’s comment on the rum’s name intensified the matter

The popular rapper and Instagram influencer Nicki Minaj further explained why the Caribbean culture was unhappy with the name of the rum. To make the matter worse for the actor, Minaj further re-posted a comment that one of the Instagram users shared, which is why things got a little feisty for the actor.

Later, Minaj defended the actor and urged him to change the name of the rum by suggesting it was an honest mistake and not intentional.


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