Meryl Streep’s TV Show of Choice When She’s Stressed Out is Completely Unexpected

Meryl Streep's TV Show of Choice When She's Stressed Out is Completely Unexpected

Interview with me on January 14, PeopleNetflix’s Website “Don’t Look Up,”Meryl Streep, actor, spoke out about which show she finds most relaxing: None other. “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”She acknowledged to the outlet that it’s a great distraction. “It’s life. It’s right now. It’s happening right now. And what do I do? I go in and watch [Real] Housewives of Beverly Hills. I do that.”  She added, “I’m reading about the climate, and it does feel overwhelming.”

Fans were obviously impressed by Streep’s shocking revelation. “THE Meryl Streep said she watches The Real Housewives!!!”One fan Tweet. “I knew I was living my life right.” Someone else Jokes, “I feel so validated that Meryl Streep watches the real housewives.”

Streep’s love for “Housewives”She might not have been so unusual if you consider that she can relate later in life to the feeling of being misunderstood, which is a constant theme throughout the franchises. She explained to NPRIn 2012 “I remember when I turned 40, I was offered, within one year, three different witch roles. To play three different witches in three different contexts. It was almost like the world was saying or the studios were saying, ‘We don’t know what to do with you.'”Streep is, however, just like so many other women on the program.

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