Memphis Colby is the daughter of American Pickers actress Danielle Colby. She flashes a teeny-thong and bare bottom in this racy video.

AMERICAN PIckers star Danielle Colby’s little girl Memphis has displayed her curves with a thong, tiny bra and revealing lingerie.

The 22-year old dressed in black, revealing lingerie and tied a cord around her midriff.

American Pickers star Danielle Colby's daughter Memphis has shown off her curves in a thong and tiny bra


Memphis Colby, daughter of American Pickers actress Danielle Colby, showed off her curves with a thong bra/lolahbearxo
Memphis shared a video of herself in the sexy two-piece, facing front-on before turning around for the camera


Memphis posted a video in which she posed front-on, before turning to face the camera.

Memphis posted a video in which she posed front-on, before transforming for the camera.

She posted the clip on Instagram on Wednesday and captioned it: “Literally in love with this set, omg…. Thoughts???”

The influencer – whose full name is Memphis Cushman – is no stranger to flashing the flesh on social media.

In April she flaunted her curvaceous figure in see-through lingerie.

American Pickers star Memphis shows off her underboob as she's tied up in rope
Danielle Colby's daughter Memphis shows off bare legs and pouts for camera

The Onlyfans model posted a risque photo of herself in mint-green lingerie while holding a seductive pose on a balcony.

The sheer stockings, garter belt and transparent top of her bra and pants left no room for the imagination.

Memphis captioned a post with: “If I were a fictional creature, what kind of being would I be?”

Danielle’s child recently took a huge step in her life by deciding to move to Puerto Rico – where her mom is living – for a year.

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Burlesque actress Danielle (47), made the announcement in a picture she shared with her dog and daughter on an island.

Memphis wore a graphic black T-shirt with a pair of tiny black shorts.


Danielle wrote in her caption, “My grrrl@memiibaby will be moving to an island in the Caribbean for the next 12 months to help her momma in the local community and to experience new things.

“She works specifically with Barks of Hope to train more difficult dogs.”

Leo, at Barks of Hope, says that some of the larger dogs can’t be walked on a lead because they are too strong. Memphis is great with dogs.”

When she’s not knee deep in dogs, pigs or mugs we love to go on a trip. [sic] “Discover island nature and adventure.”

She encouraged people to get involved in the local community.

The American Pickers star said: “Many people want to help but many people have intensive jobs or family lives that also need to be prioritized, assess that.

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Compassion opens the eyes of those who are suffering and in need.

The message concluded with the following: “We’re not here to help anyone, but we do need to support each other. We live here and we all require assistance.”

The 22-year-old dressed up in revealing black lingerie, which she teamed with a rope that tied around her midriff


The 22-year old dressed in black lingerie that revealed her midriff, and tied a rope around it.
Her mother Danielle is a host on American Pickers alongside Mike and Robbie Wolfe


Danielle Wolfe is her mother and she hosts American Pickers with Mike Wolfe.History Channel

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