Mel Thompson’s death is shocking for everyone


FANS of beauty vlogger Mel Thompson were shocked by her sudden death on Sunday night, reported by her husband just days after the YouTuber posted her final video.

Mel Thompson’s husband broke the news of her death in a post on her Instagram account. The comments sections of the announcement, posted by Mel’s husband Puffin to her Instagram account, were filled with friends and viewers grieving the makeup artist, whose cause of death has not been confirmed.

Mel Thompson's husband broke the news of her death in a post on her Instagram account

Mel Thompson, 35, and her husband Puffin


Mel’s last post before the announcement posted by her husband was a simple selfie captioned “HAPPY MONDAY, BEAUTIES,” from just one week before her death.

In her final video, posted September 24, the mom of four gives no indication of any illness. However, one commenter claimed she had been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects skin, joints, and blood vessels.

“I will see you all in my next video,” she says cheerily at the end of the review.

Mel reviews a palette made in collaboration with her fellow beauty blogger, Wayne Goss, in her final YouTube upload.

“I say it all the time but I mean it from the bottom of my heart, I absolutely love you,” Mel says in a shout-out to Wayne.

Wayne expressed condolences in the comments of the Instagram post announcing her death.

“So so so sorry,” he wrote, adorning his comment with several heart emojis.

The YouTube comments section is filled with memories and missives from longtime fans.

“Shook. Devastated. Heartbroken,” said one YouTube user.

“Mel was one of the first YouTubers I got into when I first became interested in makeup a couple of years ago. Such a kind soul.”

“I just had to come back and see her smiling and doing her thing,” wrote another viewer.

Mel Thompson’s cause of death unknown after make-up artist told fans she would ‘see them soon’ in last YouTube video