Meghan Markle’s Trump Family member Fangirling Continues To Haunt Him


Meghan Markle's Trump Family member Fangirling Continues To Haunt Him

His book “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors,”Author Tom Bower reminds readers of Meghan Markle’s praise for Ivanka Trump on her blog, The Tig. “Staggeringly beautiful, no question, but so incredibly savvy and intelligent that she’s not just carved a niche for herself under her father’s famed Trump notoriety, she has undoubtedly created her own empire,”Markle’s description for Ivanka is per Page Six. She also mentioned in the 2014 post that she was going to have a few drinks with Ivanka.

Markle did, however, not show the same appreciation for Ivanka’s father. She appeared on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore” in 2016, Markle called Donald Trump “misogynistic”He suggested that his treatment of women could be detrimental to him among female voters. Meanwhile, Ivanka championed her father, using herself as an example of his record of supporting women when she spoke at the W20 summit in 2017. Per TimeHer speech was met by boos.

Although Markle wasn’t a supporter of her father, Ivanka was. We offered our congratulationsThe Duke and Duchess were delighted to announce their engagement in 2017 “I have no doubt that this couple will do extraordinary things, both individually and collectively,”She Tweet. Perhaps Ivanka would have received an invitation to a royal marriage in an alternate universe in which her father wasn’t running for president.


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