Meghan Markle’s latest news: Fans weep as the Duchess of Sussex reveals her humble Thanksgiving plan with Prince Harry and Archie.

The future king’s role

The monarchy could be very different when the second Elizabethan age ends and the Carolinian one begins.

A royal expert said Prince Charles would introduce a “very different” monarchy era, but he will struggle to match up with the Queen’s phenomenal reign

Professor Anna Whitelock said: “Just by virtue of the fact that the Queen is celebrating her seventieth year next year, by virtue of her longevity, her life, what she’s lived through, what she’s seen, she’s been unmatched.

“Charles, given his own age, he’s never going to be able to surpass that, and what the Queen has seen and been through.”

She also added: “I think we are in a very different, and we are going to be, in a very different era with a very different kind of monarch, and a very different kind of monarchy in the future.”

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