Meghan Markle news: Prince Harry’s ex-fiancées left’stunned,’ as Duke calls upon them to write a new bombshell Royal memoir

The only difference between the brothers and Prince William is that Prince William was just ‘gets on with it’

Jennie Bond, the former BBC correspondent, has made comparisons between the royal brothers in light of Prince Harry’s memoir title.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast she said: “Once it’s there, it will be all over social media as well as the 16 countries it is being published in.

“In some countries, the title is even more damning. I believe the Spanish title does not mean Spare. ‘In the Shadows’.

“All through it, it seems to be saying ‘I have been marginalised, I have not been allowed to live the life I wanted because of the way I was born’.

“Well, William probably doesn’t want to be King either.

“Charles probably didn’t want to be King. But you know what, they get on with it.”

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