Meghan Markle accused of ‘Trying to be like Obamas’ in Insulting Article

An article from one of Britain’s top tabloids recently pubished out a list of five “signs”That Meghan MarkleIs thinking about running for political office. As with many tabloid stories, it is speculation from someone who does not have any personal connections to Markle. This particular report stood out because of a very unusual comparison to the former president Barack ObamaHis wife Michelle

All About Meghan Markle’s Possible Political Turn

As Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry settle more into their new life in the United States, speculation about Markle’s possible interest in a political career has continued to spread. Tabloids, both American and British, have long wondered if Markle’s interest in social issues means she’s considering a political run.

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When Markle was a working member of the British royal family, these speculations were largely dismissable on principle, but now that she and Harry have stepped back, there’s been renewed interest in the idea. Central RecorderFive signs that some royals may be ignoring the warnings in a British tabloid, according to one of the four that the Duke & Duchess of Sussex refused to work with. “experts” insisted were evidence of Markle’s political aspirations. 

Signs She’ll Seek Office?

Some of the listed signs include Markle’s past letter to Congress in support of paid parental leave, her statement around the time of George Floyd’s death at the hands of a police officer, and her message encouraging Americans to vote in the 2020 presidential election. 

Meghan Markle (L) wearing all-white outfit with matching hat, holding hands with Prince Harry, who is dressed in a black suit with gray striped pants
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Biden Camp: Supposed shout out

The last sign was supposedly her. “Approval from Biden,” which the misleading header would have you believe came straight from President Joe Biden, but in reality came from his sister, Valerie Biden Owens, who is also the president’s former campaign manager and close advisor.

During an appearance Good Morning BritainOwens was asked if Markle would make a good president-elect candidate. Owens answered. “Yes, perhaps, of course, she will,”This is not a ringing endorsement. 

What have other royals done? ‘Political?’

These points are easy to overlook. These points can be dismissed easily, even though Queen Elizabeth has made it a policy not to delve into political matters. However, her heirs Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Charles have managed to walk a fine balance. Charles has been a champion of environmental causes for many years, while William made comments about Windrush and raised eyebrows in royal circles. 

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Now that they’re no longer working members of the royal family, Markle and Harry have more freedom than other members of their family—though they did promise that “everything they do will uphold the values of Her Majesty.” While some royal experts have taken this phrase to mean that they will follow her lead when it comes to political commentary, that’s a very specific reading for such a vague statement. 

A little side-eye towards this section

We were most interested in the section titled. “Trying to be like the Obamas.”The outlet mentioned was vague “accusations”Markle alleged that Harry and Markle were trying to be like the first couple, when they appeared together on the cover of Time magazine. 

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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama were the first to appear on the cover. TimeHarry and Markle could be copying the magazine’s success, so who else would Harry and Markle emulate? Comparing the careers of Markle and Barack, there really aren’t any similarities to speak of, outside of the fact that both are biracial. The Obamas were active in politics for many years before Michelle (and Barack) appeared on the cover. 

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Because the source it cited didn’t mention the Obamas in their quotes, it seems that the outlet was the focus. Richard Fitzwiliams (the royal commentator that the outlet consulted) also showed a lack of imagination. He said of the cover: “This magazine cover has made it very very clear what’s in the couple’s mind—and especially Meghan’s mind—and that’s politics. It must be!” 

He continued to insist, “They’re going to become more and more visible. I think that they’re looking at politics.”Another source said the MirrorThe Sussexes are refusing to interact with another tabloid, namely. “There are shades of the Clintons or even Kennedys. It wouldn’t be a huge shock now if Meghan went into politics.” 

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Are Meghan Markle or Prince Harry more politically active since they left the royal family? That depends on how you define “political”. “political” means. If it means advocating for specific policy changes on a governmental level, then yes, it’s political. If it’s simply taking a stance on current events, that’s a bit less clear. 

What Is Markle’s Political Future?

Is Meghan Markle a political aspirant? It’s evident that she has a deep interest in creating change and advocacy, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to politics. This could also be true for philanthropists, who have a tremendous impact on their communities despite not running for office. Markle should consider a career in philanthropy over trying to run for office. 

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