Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been engaged. Watch the Video

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have been engaged. Watch the Video

Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly are quickly becoming a Hollywood couple of choice. Their love story is unique and sometimes wild, incredible fashion looksAnd Collaborations. The couple shared some very positive news, stating that they intend to marry after one year and a half of being together. 

The TransformersActress shares the good news with Her InstagramA sweet and peaceful video of the couple getting engaged under a banyan trees. The video is available here 

This video shows Machine Gun Kelly (a.k.a. Colson Baker got down on one knee to ask Megan Fox for his wife. Fox then proposes to Megan Fox. 

Megan Fox writes in the post about the significance of their engagement location, stating that they were together under the same tree back in July 2020. “asked for magic.”Fox then gets real and reveals the difficulties that the couple has faced. “pain,” “work”And “sacrifices”They were together all through their relationship. Fox claims that she and MGK are inseparable. “walked through hell together,”However, at the same moment, they must have “laughed more”More than she could ever have imagined. “intoxicated off of love.” 

In true Megan Fox/Machine Gun Kelly fashion, the actress signed off with a sarcastic statement: “drank each other’s blood”Following the engagement. On MGK’s account, the punk singer shared a closer look at Fox’s ring with this post: 

Machine Gun Kelly was a master of the details and thought out this engagement so that it could be a special one for both of them. He stated on Instagram that the ring was made to incorporate both of their birthstones. Fox’s is an emerald and Baker’s is a diamond. They were engaged on Tuesday 11 January 2022. It is an unusual date because it only includes 1s and 2s numerically. 

Megan Fox met Machine Gun Kelly on the set Midnight in the SwitchgrassIt was March 2020. Fox married her first husband Brian Austin Green. However, as Fox shared, the actor and his parents had been separated for months. Sparks started to fly between Fox, MGK, and the couple months later, after they became friends. 

Early in their relationship, Megan Fox starred in MGK’s music video for “Bloody Valentine”They made their relationship official social media over the summer. The rest is history; the pair often refer to each other as the other’s “twin flame”Now they are ready to say “I do.”Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly and all who participated in this milestone celebration are to be congratulated! 

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