Meet the influencer babies earning more in a day than you do all month


PARENTS all over the world love to share photos and updates about their little ones to Instagram.

Whether it’s candid shots of mealtimes with their tots and funny videos, to plenty of parenting tips and advice on things like getting babies to sleep.

This child influencer has been on social media since birth


This child influencer has been on social media since birthCredit: euamonono/Instagram

However, some parents don’t just choose to share their journey as parents but create Instagram accounts just for their babies. 

And many of these youngsters are actually earning a living from their Instagram posts – some earning more in a day that many do all month.

With countless babies out there with Instagram accounts before they can even hold their own heads up, let alone pose for a selfie, we wanted to know who are the most successful and who are Instagram’s highest-earning babies.

Without further ado, here are Instagram’s Highest-Earning Babies!

Noah Tavares

Known on Instagram as @euamonono, this cheeky chappie has been on social media since birth, so he is right at home on Instagram. 

With over one million followers, he is quite the success, firmly placing him at the top of the list of popular insta-babies. 

With a whopping 44.7k average likes per post and his huge following, this means that he could earn as much as £3,444 per post, making him a top earner.

Marleigh Grant

Better known as ‘the yeet baby’, Marleigh has taken social media by storm with her chaotic pouring videos alongside her uncle. 

The internet is obsessed with Marleigh


The internet is obsessed with MarleighCredit: theyeetbaby/Instagram

@theyeetbaby gets 151k average likes per post – imagine having that many people like your pics! 

Her light-hearted posts have proven popular, netting her 999k followers and an impressive earning potential of £3,444 per post.

Halston Blake Fisher

This two-year-old cutie is described as sweet and sassy in her bio and a quick glance of her posts shows that she is exactly that. 

Halston is super cute


Halston is super cuteCredit: halston.blake//Instagram


With an enviable wardrobe, @halston.blake has over 613k followers, meaning that she could earn up to £2,191 per post.

She’s averaging 50.4k average likes per post which is pretty impressive.

Drew Hazel

Drew Hazel has the most adorable smile, so it’s no surprise she racks up thousands of likes per post.

Isn't her smile adorable?!


Isn’t her smile adorable?!Credit: drewhazeleast/Instagram

With over half a million Instagram followers, @drewhazeleast could earn up to £1,831 pet post.

Flavia Louise

This little cutie has 257,413 followers on Instagram, meaning that @flavinhalouise could expect to earn £850 per post.

While this could be a month’s salary for some, smiley Flávia Louise has started earning young.

If you’re now re-thinking your career, we don’t blame you!

We are seriously jealous of these influencer babies earning more in a day than we do all month


We are seriously jealous of these influencer babies earning more in a day than we do all monthCredit: flavinhalouise/Instagram

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