Meet Morgan Riddle, Wimbledon star Taylor Fritz’s supportive girlfriend


Wimbledon 2022 is entering its tenth day today, Wednesday 6th of July. Taylor Fritz is set to play tennis legend Rafael Nadal in a quarter-final on centre court and he’s likely to be supported in the stands by his girlfriend Morgan Riddle.

Wimbledon fans who follow the tournament every year will be aware that they often get to know the families and partners who are there every match.

Morgan Riddle, girlfriend of tom, has been a standout spectator and is particularly vocal this year. current world no.14, Taylor Fritz.


Morgan Riddle: Who are you?

What do we know about Morgan Riddle?

Taylor Fritz’s 24-year-old girlfriend Riddle is Riddle. She also works as a model, influencer and model. The social media star from LA boasts a staggering 56,000+ followers. InstagramFans, but the artist has an ever greater number of followers TikTokWith her current followers total at more than 250,000, she is the most followed person in the world.

Morgan Riddle seems to find her main source for work in Instagram. She often shows her Instagram followers her life, which often includes her traveling to exotic places to follow Fritz and his career.

Riddle has participated in several paid Instagram promotions. Many fans can often recreate Riddle’s outfits using a link in the ‘Beacons‘ section on her account where Riddle shows where each item of clothing can be purchased from.

Riddel also displays a vast selection of Instagram Story Highlights, where as well as travel pics, she has shared various recommendations for music and podcast as well as proud moments from her career.

Taylor Fritz and Morgan Riddle have been seeing each other for at least two years now, with Fritz having taken to Instagram to celebrate their one-year anniversary in June 2021.

Riddle soaks up the Wimbledon action

One quick scroll through Riddle’s Instagram will reveal that she’s very passionate when it comes to her partner’s career. Wimbledon 2022 has shown this to be the case.

On her Story today, ahead of Fritz’s quarter-final match, Riddle pledged her support for her boyfriend on her story, posting a photo of Fritz with the caption “let’s go baby @taylor_fritz”.

Between Fritz’s games, Riddle has also taken time to see some of London’s sights, visiting Big Ben on Sunday:

As well as showing her fans just how close to the Wimbledon action she’s been able to get:

Riddle teaches her TikTok viewers about tennis

Riddle is also a successful Instagram star.

One of her most popular videosIt currently has 4 million views. Riddle shows Riddle what it’s like to be a top tennis player such as Fritz.

Riddle is seen in the video showing her travels to four grand slams all around the globe, and trying to educate her mostly US-based audience about the sport, which she may not be very well-versed in.

While a Wimbledon victory may be a longshot for Taylor Fritz, he couldn’t ask for a more supportive girlfriend than Morgan Riddle!

Instagram isn’t sending users messages about an issue in 2022, according to other news.


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