MCU fans speculate on Ms Marvel’s final tease about X-Men connection

Fans are beginning to suspect that the Ms Marvel miniseries will end soon. A short musical tease suggests that the X-Men might finally be accepted into the MCU.

*WARNING! This article contains important spoilers for the Ms Marvel series finale.*

Today, Marvel Cinematic Universe has a steady stream of characters and plotlines that are being added to it on an almost daily basis.

The constant stream updates can feel overwhelming to causal MCU lovers and may make it difficult to keep up.

However, the final episode of Ms Marvel has dropped – and there’s a very exciting X-Men hint that will definitely excite all MCU fans.

Ms Marvel Series 6 Final explanation

The final episode of Ms Marvel’s miniseries, which featured Kamala learning some family history facts, was released today, Wednesday, July 13.

Kamala returns to Jersey in the long-awaited finale of season 3. Damage Control is trying their best to arrest Kamran.

Together, Kamala and Kamran successfully fight off Damage Control Agent Deever, cementing Kamala Khan, or Ms Marvel’s, place as a superhero.

However, it’s after their struggle against Agent Deever when the real twist of the series arrives. We are able to jump ahead a week and witness an important conversation between Ms Marvel’s best friend Bruno.

The important X-Men appearance in music

Despite an intense battle with Department of Damage Control it is this conversation that has sparked so many discussions online.

It transpires that Bruno has secretly been researching Kamala’s DNA as he is curious as to why she is the only person in her family who can access The Noor.

Bruno proceeds to ask Kamala if there’s some kind of “mutation”He is ingrained in her DNA. As he does, a familiar melody briefly plays in the background.

Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer



Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Trailer





The music of course belongs to the iconic X-Men cartoon – leading to fans believe that Kamala is a mutant and that the X-Men are finally going to make a full MCU appearance.

Twitter reacts to the X-Men-linked tweet

“MCU Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel is a MUTANT! And the way that subtle playing of the equally iconic theme of the X-Men animated series like in Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness… We are so close to MCU X-MEN”, One excited fan exclaimed,.

Another Marvel fanSo, they even started to create the perfect cast for the X-Men MCU: “Since we’re going to see X-Men in the MCU I think Sadie Sink from Stranger Things would make a good Jean Grey/Phoenix.”

This Tweeter noted it., it’s a good time to be an X-Men fan right now:

And of course, there is literally a Simpson’s meme for every occasion:

Fans are baffled by Orlando Brown’s wild Bow Wow claim

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