Maverick: Top Gun’s Miles Teller Reveals The Origin Of His Viral Shirtless Dance

Maverick: Top Gun’s Miles Teller Reveals The Origin Of His Viral Shirtless Dance

Top Gun: MaverickIt has almost everything that a moviegoer would want from a summer blockbuster. It’s got Tom Cruise, a lovable cast, impressive jets and of course, a scene that involves shirtless pilots playing football on a beach. Miles Teller (who plays Bradley) was a big part of that last element. “Rooster” Bradshaw). During the sequence Teller did a shirtless dance that’s since gone viral. He has already responded to the hype, but he is now sharing more details about his big movie moment. 

The football scene takes place during the sequel’s second act and, in it, Tom Cruise’s Maverick uses the game to build camaraderie among his Top Gun recruits. The teacher’s method proves to be effective, and the end result is a fun sequence filled with sand, sun and glistening abs. Miles Teller’s were on full display when he danced, and the actor seemed to be more than comfortable while jamming out. During his appearance, he spoke out about his moves. DESUS & MERO, explaining that it’s somewhat inspired by a classic movie:

That was a move that me and my buddies would just bust out at parties and shit. Dancing has been a part of my life since childhood. ‘don’t take yourself too seriously.’ So I’m sure people could find it online, I always knew that dance as the Weekend at Bernie’s dance. Where you’re king of dead and your shoulders go back.

Now that I’m thinking about it, it definitely tracks but also worked for that moment. It seemed that all the stars had a sense of freedom while filming the sequence. That’s likely because, at the time, they weren’t sure what was going to make the final cut, according to the Rooster actor:

To be fair, nobody noticed that the cameras were on the beach as we shot the scene. We just did some stuff, while they ran it. It was a moment that I did not know that they captured.

It was clear way before the film’s release that the football scene was meant to parallel the original film’s shirtless volleyball sequence, a moment that “Danger Zone”Kenny Loggins, a singer believes that it is important. (I’d actually argue that the sequel’s big beach game is more vital to the sequel’s plot, though). All in all The Maverick: Top GunActors busted their bums to get prepared for the scene, except for Tom Cruise – who apparently didn’t need much prep.

Miles Teller was a good guy and did his part in preparation, but Glen Powell was a true star who really wanted to get ready for the camera. Fellow MaverickLewis Pullman, an alum, remembered their training. Powell recalled repeating a funny chant for himself. But, after all the hard work was done. Finally, he was able to eat.Unwind and relax a little. I’d assume some of his castmates did the same. 

Glen Powell’s aforementioned chant was “montages last forever,” and I think it’s safe to say that moviegoers are never going to forget the football sequence or Miles Teller’s dance. I’m sure plenty of people are Hoping that Cruise and he can reunite. Top Gun 3So that he can perform a new move.

For those who want to revisit the moment, or just check it out for the first-time, you can visit. Maverick: Top GunNow in theatres

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