Maverick: Top Gun’s Glen Powell Responds To Rumors About Playing Cyclops In Marvel’s X-Men

Maverick: Top Gun’s Glen Powell Responds To Rumors About Playing Cyclops In Marvel’s X-Men

Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powell has been getting plenty of buzz since starring as “Hangman”The long-awaited sequel. As his name is being linked to various projects, it appears that Powell’s career is in full swing. Like many rising stars following a career breakthrough, Powell’s name has been linked to the big M – Marvel. Fans have been theorizing that the actor will play Cyclops in Marvel’s eventual X-MenPowell has now responded to those rumors by launching a reboot.

It must be flattering for your name to be thrown into the X-Men conversation. But the Set it upActor was shocked by the rumors. Glen Powell shared the following: Variety that he didn’t even know that he’d been linked to the role of Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops. In his own words:

Before Comic-Con everyone looked like this ‘Dude, are you Cyclops?’ No, I’m not. Nobody has called me. I don’t even have one contact info for Marvel, so I have no idea what people are talking about.

Glen Powell seemed to be surprised by the Cyclops rumors. However, it is possible that he may be a suitable candidate for the role of the mutant with the optic blast. The actor was an antagonist in the movie. Top GunSequel is a great actor, but he does fit the traditional archetype of a charming and by-the book strategic leader. He has played similar roles in films such as Hidden FiguresHe certainly showed his more sincere side.

He hasn’t been the only actor to face rumors regarding an X-Men role. Actors have been linked to Cyclops’ known frenemy and teammate Wolverine for some time now. Since Hugh Jackman finished his run in the role with 2017’s LoganThere has been much speculation as to his replacement. Two names keep popping up as potential successors for Jackman – Taron Egerton and Daniel Radcliffe. Radcliffe reacted to the Wolverine rumors, saying he hasn’t been contacted by the studio. Egerton was more open about the rumors, and mentioned his meeting at Marvel Studios with Kevin Feige.

The X-MenSince Kevin Feige’s announcement that the mutant superhero team would be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, talks have intensified. There are some blank spots in the MCU’s upcoming Phase 6 lineup, so one of those could be reserved for a mutants-centric title. While fans speculate about their favorite actors and make predictions, the team is ready to make a comeback with the animated Disney+ series. X-Men ’97. The sequel to the original 1990s Fox series will see the original lineup return with new additions, with the original series’ main antagonist — Magneto — as their leader.

As exciting as this is, I am still curious about what the future holds for live-action characters. If all goes well, Glen Powell may be involved in such a production.

Glen Powell will next appear in the war drama DevotionJonathan Majors is the film that will be playing in theaters starting November 23rd. It’s part of the 2022 list of upcoming movies. Keep up-to-date with the many Marvel movies in the pipeline.

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