Matic VS AXS: Best Crypto Pair in 2022

With cryptocurrency trending in the world, numerous cryptocurrency coins are coming out. Amidst the popular cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, and many others, several other new coins are coming. They have much more potential than the other ones in the following years. They can earn you much more profits once they get a chance to bloom. 

Since so many cryptocurrencies are available in the market, it is hard to choose the perfect one. Since the crypto market is highly volatile, you never know what’s going to happen next. In a second, a crypto coin touches the sky, and the next day no one can ever imagine where it’s going to go. So, how do you choose that one crypto coin that is reliable and brings lots of profits in the coming years? 

Here is a pair: MATIC to AXS exchange. The first one is Polygon MATIC, and the other one is Axie Infinity’s AXS. Let’s find out about them. 

Matic Crypto Coin

Matic is the cryptocurrency of the Polygon network. Polygon is a complete multi-chained system of framework and protocol. 

It is an Indian-based crypto coin with being on everybody’s buying list for next year. 

It was previously known as Matic Networks. It provides different tools to improve the speed and decreases the cost and complexity of transactions of blockchain networks. 

It just fixes the problem with Ethereum. Due to loads of traffic, Ethereum wasn’t able to work efficiently. So, to improve the speed and efficiency of Ethereum, Polygon came into the picture. 

It is a Layer 2 scaling solution. It means that this technology will allow up to $65,536 on each block. 

The Polygon Matic is trading at a rate of $1.97 with a 24 hours-trade volume of $1,953,207,416. It means that 64.98% of its total volume has been trading in a single day. With around 10 billion coins in the market, 6 billion are already circulating in the crypto market. 

AXS Crypto Coin

AXS or Axie Infinity is the crypto coin by the Axie Infinity game. Built on the Ethereum network, anyone can earn them by playing the game.   

It is a blockchain-based trading and also a battling game. 

Created by Sky Mavis and his team in 2018, he made a game based on Pokémon and other games. In this game, the players can collect, breed, battle, and trade creatures called Axies. These are token-based creatures. Sky Mavis and his team developed this game in Vietnam.

AXS or Axie Infinity is trading for $136.95, with its 24hour trade volume being $521,407,013. The total supply for this cryptocurrency is 270 million, while around 63 million are already in the circulation supply. 

Matic Vs. AXS

Both of them are strong competitors, and both have the potential to reach the sky. Both of them are the investor’s picks as cryptocurrency investments.

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