Maryland Crossing Guard Hit by Car While Pushing Girl to Safety Says She Would Risk Her Life for Any Kid

The Maryland crossing guard who saved the life of a little girl who was nearly struck by an oncoming car said she was acting as a mother and police officer in saving the child’s life.

Cpl. Annette Goodyear, an officer with the North East Police Department since 2008, and the first female to join the department, was on duty working as a crossing guard in Maryland when middle schooler Violet began making her way across the street.

Goodyear used her hand signals to let an approaching car know to stop, but instead of slowing to a stop to let the child pass, the car continued forward.

The car was only inches from the student when the quick-thinking officer pushed the child out of the way, and ending up being struck by the car herself. Goodyear was taken to a hospital as a precaution and was quickly released.

“Just a little sore, but other than that I’m good,” Goodyear told Inside Edition.

Violet was unharmed in the incident. In that moment, Goodyear knew she was going to be hit by the car, but there was no hesitation in her mind that she needed to make sure Violet was safe.

“Being a mom and an officer, yes, and I would do it for any kid,” she said, crediting her instinct for kicking in at that moment.

But Violet credits Goodyear herself for taking the steps to make sure she wasn’t hit by the car.

“I feel like she did really save my life,” Violet said.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan apparently agreed with Violet’s assessment of Goodyear as a hero, awarding the officer a citation in honor of her act of bravery.

“Cpl. Goodyear, who has served as a crossing guard for 14 years, was assisting students across the street outside of North East Middle School in Cecil County,” Hogan’s office said in a news release. “As she saw the car quickly approaching the crosswalk, Cpl. Goodyear quickly jumped into action and sacrificed herself by pushing the student to safety and took the full impact from the oncoming car.”

The driver of the car was cited and paid a fine.

Goodyear and Violet did not know each other prior to the incident, but the former strangers now consider each other friends for life.

“I would think so,” Goodyear said.

“Definitely,” Violet added.

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