Marya Sherron, Survivor 42’s Marya, Reveals What She Told Maryanne On Ponderosa About Maryanne’s Crush. It Was ‘Cute!

Marya Sherron, Survivor 42's Marya, Reveals What She Told Maryanne On Ponderosa About Maryanne’s Crush. It Was 'Cute!

Warning! Warning! Survivor 42.

Contrary to the Survivor 41The advantage for viewers is that they know all about the latest twists in the game. This is thanks to their introductions from last season. But what they themselves knew that we fans didn’t – at least, not until the most recent episode – is that Maryanne Oketch had a pretty big crush on the first eliminated player. They never even spoke to each other on the island! Marya Sherron (a Taku tribe member) apparently shared the secret to Ponderosa with the ouster. She claimed it was a very important secret! “cute”Moment indeed.

Honestly, I thought it couldn’t get more adorable than Maryanne Oketch gushing to Jeff Probst, all three tribes and (obviously) the whole world on TV that Zach Wurtenberger was “picture perfect.”The result is that it was the Survivor 42 belle of the ball didn’t have to wait long on Ponderosa (where vote offs go to wait out the duration of the game) to hear about his prospects, when Marya Sherron showed up after her own elimination. Marya Sherron shared the story. Entertainment WeeklyShe immediately “spilled the beans,” which include the bit about Wurtenberger being Oketch’s ideal white boy. His first reaction? It would be priceless, Sherron stating:

It was his favorite thing. He was like ‘This is great for me. I’m living in the game, even though I’m out of the game through Maryanne.’She was his number one. Like, ‘I want her to go as far as possible, ’cause as long as she’s in the game, I’m in the game.’It’s so cute. Zach is incredible.

Zach Wurtenberger was more open to the social media proclamation of love after getting off Ponderosa. This was just as adorable as Zach Wurtenberger secretly rooting to Maryanne Oketch win Season 42. The post also featured a funny Photoshop job and a memorable caption. Survivormoment also referred to

What isn’t so cute, though, is how dangerously close Maryanne Oketch was to being voted out instead of Marya Sherron last Wednesday. Oketch’s major enthusiasm for both life and the game itself She seems to be offending some Taku tribe members. Sherron confirmed this to the outlet, saying that she was originally “angry”And “jealous”Oketch experienced a severe emotional reaction to the tribal medical expulsion. She said:

As if I was watching a 23-year old girl, she is half my age. There was literally a moment when I looked at Jeff and thought to myself. ‘Is this allowed? Are we allowed to do that?’

Sure, it’s okay to cry on SurvivorAs many players find out the hard-way, It is a winning strategy, but it can be a losing strategy to just share everything and feel all the emotions all the time. Now, that’s a different story altogether. Jeff Probst narrowly saved Maryanne Oketch’s torch.

Yet my hope, similar to Zach Wurtenburger’s, is that she makes it far in this season. She is adorable and refreshing for her unabashed willingness to wear her heart on its sleeve. It certainly isn’t boring, either. Keep up to date Survivor 42You can catch the latest episodes of her storyline on the 2022 TV schedule at 8 p.m. ET.

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