Marvel Universe’s G.O.D.S. by Jonathan Hickman is a bold change in Marvel’s Universe

When you’re doing something as high concept as this, what are the challenges in making it reader-friendly — in terms of “Here’s a bunch of new characters. What are the challenges in making it accessible not only to fans of the Marvel Universe’s cosmic or magical aspects, but also for the general public?

It was once that I wasn’t bothered. The 0.1 issue was a thing when Marvel first started. The “Avengers 35.1” was meant to be the jumping-on point. As I was working on the press release, somebody asked: “What is a good jump-on point to your Avengers’ run?” Right? I said, “Fantastic Four issue 570.” The answer was so ridiculous, but true. Your question can be answered in this manner. There’s lots of things in this book that will be really enjoyable for anyone who has been reading me books for over 15 years. I always make a joke about the past and reinforce my continuity.

This is not a narcissistic behavior. I’m not sure if it’s self preservation or if there’s another bad therapy reason for this. Since then, I’ve become more responsible in my writing and have become better at writing #1 issues. If I have failed to introduce you to the story in this issue, then you should start at “Fantastic Four”, Issue 570.

The book will be released as a oversized edition. This book has 60+ pages. What is the challenge of attracting readers for a new book with new characters that costs more ($9.99) than normal?

This is a game of chance. It’s a gamble. It’s alchemy. Before it happens, I can’t tell if it is right or not. It’s all random. Although we can act as if there was, it is subjective. It is commercial art and, therefore, art. It’s either a hit or it isn’t. The price, page count, etc., don’t really matter if it’s a hit. Then they will put our names on the cross.

The main cover art for “G.O.D.S.” #1 by Mateus Manhanini, which comes out on October 4, 2023.


The infinite détente between THE-NATURAL-ORDER-OF-THINGS and THE-POWERS-THAT-BE nears an end. At the Babylon Event, old acquaintances reunite. The Lion of Wolves is the one who throws all of the bad parties. Do not look underneath the table. You can find a penny of John Wilkes Booth on the floor. The ENORMOUS EXTRA sized first issue of this book features DOCTOR STRANGE, who is not at all boring, but the least interesting person.

For clarity, this interview has been edited.

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