Marvel reported that Thor: Love and Thunder was reduced to under 2 hours by Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder is out now in theaters — a “classic Thor adventure”That’s what the God Of Thunder has been doing since. Endgame. But the sequel isn’t quite what we expected. The story has some issues, and we’ve already discussed the big Thor: Love and Thunder plot hole that you can’t ignore.

It turns out that it might be Marvel’s fault that Love and Thunder has such middling reviews, not director Taika Waititi’s. Let’s start by stating that Below are big spoilers.

The story isn’t perfect

Love and Thunder isn’t Ragnarok, and that’s understandable. Once you’ve surprised audiences by giving an Avenger a complete personality reboot, you can’t do it again.

But we can’t ignore the Thor: Love and ThunderMarvel’s story is a complex one. This movie rarely features Gorr in action. Christian Bale delivers an excellent performance in the scenes he’s in. However, many scenes were cut.

Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale) in Thor 4 trailer.
Gorr The God Butcher (Christian Bale), Thor’s villain in Thor: Love and Thunder. Image source: Marvel Studios

The actor confirmed that he had shot scenes with Jeff Goldblum, Peter Dinklage, and others. These scenes never made it to the final cut. Natalie Portman also said that entire planets aren’t in the story. A lawsuit revealed that Lena Headey was also involved in filming scenes.

Then there’s the glaring Avengers plot hole. Thor does not try to recruit his colleagues from work. Love and ThunderGorr. He is still traveling the universe in search of help.

We already explained it would only take a few extra scenes for Thor to explain why he thinks the Avengers won’t cut it. They beat Thanos (Josh Broolin), so it would seem silly. But, that would just be his opinion. The plot would not be affected by it.

Marvel’s influence on the Thor: Love and ThunderPlan

The final Love and ThunderCut makes no mention about the Avengers, even though Thor is up against a serious foe. Gorr might have taken out all the gods of the universe and set off a chain reaction that could lead to catastrophic events.

Marvel could have adversely influenced the results, it turns out. Thor: Love and ThunderBy limiting the time of the story, plot is made easier. Waititi was required to cut so many scenes because the studio requested a two-hour runtime.

Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in Love and Thunder trailer
Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), and Thor (Chris Hemsworth), in Love and Thunder trailer. Source: Marvel Studios

“Taika having a blank check on this is absolutely not the case,” The Ringer-Verse’s Joanna Robinson . “He got more leeway than he got with Ragnarok, but there was a mandate to bring this movie in under two hours. This comes in under two hours, and they cut a ton of stuff out of this movie.”

Marvel can fix it?

“Taika is on record as not being into director’s cuts,”She went on. “We know Jeff Goldblum, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey [were supposed to appear], and Simon Russell Beale appeared as Dionysus and had like two lines in this movie but has an above-the-line credit, so he was definitely supposed to be in this more. Gorr was definitely supposed to come in and kill a bunch of other people.”

Waititi dispelled any notion of a Love and Thunder director’s cut in other interviews where he addressed the deleted scenes. And it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see it anyway, considering that the MCU doesn’t have any director’s cuts to date.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) shocked to see Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) in Love and Thunder trailer.
Thor (Chris Hemsworth), stunned to see Mighty Thor’s (Natalie Portman), Love and Thunder trailer. Source: Marvel Studios

Marvel will most likely release some of the deleted scenes. Love and ThunderDisney Plus and other digital services. However, deleted scenes cannot be considered canon. They will never be. They never will. Love and ThunderNo matter what Marvel adds to the Blu-ray and digital releases, the plot will not change.

The plot hole is something Marvel can still fix. The story probably wouldn’t have mentioned the Avengers regardless of the movie’s length. Marvel can show us in movies and TV shows how Thor didn’t call the Avengers. Or what they were doing during Thor’s battle with Gorr.

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