Mark Wahlberg Has Been Getting To Know His Daughter’s Boyfriend, And He Shared Some Honest Thoughts On The Young Man

Mark Wahlberg Has Been Getting To Know His Daughter’s Boyfriend, And He Shared Some Honest Thoughts On The Young Man

It’s normal to wonder what your girlfriend’s father thinks of you. Imagine dating a young woman who is Academy award-nominee. Fitness Guru Mark Wahlberg! Mark Wahlberg’s 18 year-old daughter, Ella Rae, has been dating her boyfriend, James, for the past year. The actor shared details about their bonding time and how it was to get to know each other.

The Departed Star made an appearance as a guest on The Ellen ShowThe audience was able to see what he thought of James. Mark Wahlberg gave Ella Rae the thumbs up! The actor revealed that as long as his daughter is with a nice guy who treats her well, that is all he could want in his daughter’s boyfriend. James admitted that Ella Rae may be more fearful of James than he of him. 

He seems more afraid of my child than he does of me. In that relationship, I pray more for him then I pray for his daughter. They’re perfect for one another, and he couldn’t be more sweeter. It was something I knew from the beginning. [that she’ll be dating]. So long as she is treated well and nice, and someone I can trust and admire. They have a wonderful relationship. He’s fantastic. I hope she can keep him.

This isn’t the first time a man seeks approval from the daughter or spouse of a famous celebrity. Family Feud’s Steve Harvey’s nervous and vague response to the question of whether he would be there was not surprising. We approve that Michael B. Jordan married his daughter. There comes a point when even a celebrity has to give up on your daughter’s dating life.

This Ted Also, star revealed The Ellen Show that he’s been working out with his daughter’s boyfriendIt is a great way to bond with your male partner. Mark Wahlberg explained that James, who got COVID in December, ended up being the man in the house when his entire family went on vacation. But there’s no hard feelings there because when everyone returned, James and Wahlberg worked out together and did other stuff to strengthen the male bond.

He took the holiday. So now, he’s like the man of the house. I’m stuck, and I’m like, ‘Wait a second.’ This guy slid right in, and I’m out. After we returned from our holiday, he came back. He stayed another week and we exercised together for a while. He is a great influence on her. … He’s such a sweet guy, and he just wanted to work out. He shares many of our common interests. So I’m just trying to help him where I can.

Wahlberg is a father to James and a fitness mentor. He also had a reunion with Lucacris who was his co-star in the movie. This led to speculation about a possible relationship. Max Payne followup. Mark Wahlberg also pushed for The movie about the superhero The Six Billion Dollar Manit to become a reality. Whether Mark Wahlberg is hitting the gym or a theater/streaming service near you, we have not seen the last of him and he has not seen the last of his daughter’s boyfriend either!

Check out this website while you wait. Mark Wahlberg’s upcoming movies to get an idea of when you’ll see him in theaters or your streaming services.

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