Margaret Qualley reveals how Andie MacDowell became a maid

Netflix’s new drama is a family affair.

MaidStars Margaret QualleyAlex is a single mother trying to rebuild her life following the breakup of an abusive relationship. While the ensemble cast is very impressive—including Nick Robinson Anika Noni Rose—there’s one co-star that’s most compelling: Qualley’s actress mother, Andie MacDowell.

Qualley explained to E! News exclusive interview reveals that the mother/daughter duo are not accidental. MaidTogether. “It was my idea, actually,”She spoke. “I pitched the idea to Margot Robbie, because she’s one of the producers on this, and she loved it.”

According to Qualley, within days of the pitch, MacDowell received the offer for the role. Qualley did not consider the following outcome. Her mom might not say yes.

“That was the one thing I hadn’t checked,”She went on. “But I was lucky enough that she wanted to do it, and then she was stuck with me for almost nine months. So, thank you, mom!”

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