Many people are only now realizing that fabric softener, and using hot water to wash the comforter are a no-no.

It may appear difficult to wash your comforter, but it is not.

One content creator shows her audience how to properly clean bedding.

TikTok user Cary shared her hack for washing your comforter the correct way


Cary, a TikTok User shared her tip for how to wash your comforter correctly.Credit: TikTok/pairswellwithwhine

In her You can also watch the video below.Cary is a TikTok User (@pairswellwithwhineThe trick she used to get your comforter looking like new is demonstrated by.

Influencer told her listeners: “Here’s a couple of tips for washing comforters.”

TikToker recommends reading the label of your comforter to ensure that it is properly cared for.

She showed her viewers the first step of how to fit the bedding into the washing machine.

“You’re going to fold it exactly how I’m folding it here, this is a king-size comforter,” Cary explained.

This TikTok User folded in half her comforter and laid it out on the hallway floor.

Then she folded it in so that the bed looked like a burrito.

Cary then tucked the ends of the comforter in an accordion-like fashion.

The TikToker suggested using her laundry sauce as her next step.

“You’re not going to use fabric softener and you’re not going to use scent beads,” she told her followers.

The comforter was placed in the washing machine along with her homemade laundry solution.

“You’re going to wash in cold heavy-duty, raise the water level,” Cary advised viewers.

She said, as she displayed her newly cleaned bedding: “Your comforter will be brand new again when your washer has finished doing its job.”

TikTok Users took to comments to discuss the hack.

“I was going to spend 40 dollars to have mine cleaned. I could kiss yours.” The folding [is chef’s kiss]One viewer wrote:

The other impressed followers asked: [washing] my comforter?”

“You are an angel.” A third person said, “I am mind blown.”

The content creator demonstrated how to fold your comforter to fit it easily into your washing machine


This video shows you how to easily fold your comforter into your washer.Credit: TikTok/pairswellwithwhine
The TikToker recommended avoiding fabric softener and scent beads when washing your comforter


TikToker suggests avoiding scent beads and fabric softeners when washing comforters.Credit: TikTok/pairswellwithwhine

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