Maneskin: The Untold Truth


Maneskin: The Untold Truth

The Rolling Stones and Queen are all characterized by a larger than life frontman. Now, if you are familiar with his performance style, it should come as no surprise that Damiano David grew up idolizing rock and roll frontmen. “[T]hey just seemed more powerful. The connection with the crowd and the energy they inspire, it’s different from anything else,”David explained the following: Upset. A video NME, he shared that the first CD he bought was “Nine Lives”Aerosmith is a band led by Steven Tyler. 

David’s energy on stage might seem to translate into an exciting personal life. However, his bandmates say that the reality is quite different. “Damiano barely drinks beer,” Victoria De Angelis told The Guardian. Thomas Raggi, guitarist, was added. “he’s such a sfigato, a dork: he goes to bed at 11pm with his chamomile tea.”David still knows how to rock out on stage. This was even more challenging when live music stopped during the COVID-19 pandemic. “The worst moment for me as a lyricist was lockdown because the only thing I saw was Netflix and my cats,”David spoke up for Upset. “I wasn’t really on fire; I was just f***ing bored and angry.”

Since Måneskin’s debut, David has amassed an impressive fortune. According to Forbes, his net worth was $4 million as of 2022. Celebrities Net Worth.


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