Man who fired gunshots out of hotel room window says he was ‘aiming at aliens’

A man who fired a gun out his hotel room window said he was aiming for aliens.

Samuel Riddell, 55, opened fire at the car park and a neighbouring room at a Kentucky hotel on Saturday afternoon, the New York Post reported.

A previously convicted criminal was charged four times with wanton endangerment, multiple counts criminal mischief and possession a handgun or firearm by a felon.

In a press release local police stated: “Mr. Riddell claimed that he saw aliens in the area and was shooting at them.

“Detectives discovered Mr. Riddell was a convicted felon and was in possession of two handguns and a semi-automatic rifle.

Police were unable to confirm whether aliens were found at the hotel
Police were unable to confirm whether aliens were found at the hotel

“There were no injuries reported after the incident. Police later discovered several bullets had struck vehicles in the parking lot, and one had entered an adjacent occupied room.”

The hotel on Keeneland Drive in Richmond, KY was left unnamed in the release.

At the sound of shots, a Riddell-wearing woman ran into the bathroom and secured her place until cops arrived.

One Facebook comment under the police post was a woman who claimed to be Riddell’s niece.

Kim Arvin, who was mocked online for his unbelievable excuse, said that he was in an addiction.

Kim said: “Folks, be kind with what you say. Not to minimize the severity of the situation, but he’s somebody’s family.

“This is my uncle and he has a beautiful heart. He was clean for a very long time, and he was going to church.

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“Addiction is a lifelong recovery and should be treated with more empathy.

“[My] My initial reaction was to snicker. After a second look, I realized that it was Uncle Dave. My heart stopped.

“My heart is broken for him thinking of what could’ve possibly triggered this for him.”

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