Man Swims in Flood Waters To Rescue His Elderly Mother

One man braved the waters of Hurricane Ian to save his mother, an 84year-old wheelchair user who was trapped in her home after it flooded.

Johnny Lauder, 49, and his son Xavier arrived at Karen Lauder’s Naples, Florida home. They found her alive but she was terrified, and her belongings were floating around in the water. 

“I got her up on a table wrapped up so she doesn’t go into hypothermia,”Johnny said it in a video.

The floodwaters were so overwhelming that Karen had to be pushed in a wheelchair by her parents to reach a hospital.

“I took a picture to make sure the family would know that grandma was safe. I’ve never seen her happier to see me,”John speaks out for Inside Edition 

“It was pretty bad. I knew I didn’t have much time, because the water kept coming up faster. If I’d have been later, she wouldn’t be here,” John continued.

Florida is seeing more stories of love, loss and hope.

James and Margaret Cruz rode the hurricane out in a loft above their garage, taking what they feared would be their last selfie. They survived despite their Fort Myers home being destroyed all around them.

“We watched all the walls get pushed in by the water. We hunkered down over in the corner, and we said quite a few prayers,” James Cruz said.

Coast Guard helicopters continue patrolling stricken areas and performing daring rescues. 

One man was pulled from a boat that had been blow onshore. After putting up a great fight, a Sanibel Island resident was airlifted safely to safety. “HELP” sign in her windows. 

Dominic Cameratta was also in Fort Myers with his daughter Ella when they were filming video of the rising waters surrounding their home, when they saw a shark swimming in their yard.


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