Man splits opinions after refusing to get out of the window seat, despite another passenger paying for it


A MAN DISCUSSED after refusing to leave the window seat despite having been paid by another passenger.

Reddit was his platform for explaining his predicament and he asked if it was wrong.

A man split opinion after he refused to give up a window seat he hadn't paid for


A man was divided after refusing to give up the window seat he didn’t pay forCredit to Alamy

He wrote, “I was flying solo and had the middle-seat (I love windows).

“A guy and his girl come and the guy says can my wife and I sit together? I was like sure but I get the window.”

The man then stated that he had paid for the window seats and wanted to sit in them.

The man continued: ” I was like what do you want more? The window or to sit together. I got the window and the guy was visibly p*****.”

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There was much disagreement about who was right and who was wrong.

Some people suggested that the man should not have moved. “If the guy paid for that seat, it’s his seat. You should have chosen the window seat when you booked your flight.”

Most people believed he was right.

One person wrote: “They tried the trick of leaving the middle seat empty in the hopes the seats not filled and it didn’t work […] if they really wanted to be sat together they could of booked it instead they gambled and lost.”

Another person agreed with the statement: “They left that spot unoccupied in hopes no one would find it and would receive poor man’s business classes.

“Proper etiquette in that case is for the couple to give the party in the middle their preferred seat.”

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Most people were on his side about not giving up the seat


Most people were supportive of his decision to keep the seat.Credit to Alamy


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