Man Hits A Woman Brutally After She Jumps On The Roof Of His Car!!

A woman was dragged down to her knees after being brutally punched by a driver, who found her dancing on his car’s rooftop. The driver burst out in rage and the video clip went viral on social media. 

Man Hits A Woman Brutally After She Jumps On The Roof Of His Car!!

Recently, a Twitter user under the name @AminNumeroUno shared a video featuring a woman jumping on the roof of a man’s car in London, England. She seemed to be in a conversation with another person standing at a distance. It was clear that she has no solid reason to justify her actions. 

The driver put off his belts and quickly jumped out to take over the matter. The lady was dragged down and pushed to the ground. The Twitter user’s post revealed, “Literally just saw this in the forrest gate, it’s simply crazy these days in London…” 

The netizens found this hilarious, and many were also stunned. However, later the Twitter user revealed the complete incident. He highlighted in the comment section that the lady was initially standing on a white Prius’s roof before she jumped onto his car’s rooftop. He said, “Did not realize there’s a trampoline on the roof of the super drug, must be connected somehow.” He further stated that the woman was ready to jump onto another roof and hop around the cars. However, he also stated that he was completely unaware of why she was doing such a strange thing. At last the post revealed that maybe she had no reason to do that but the lady was actually influenced by some kind of drugs. 

Man Hits A Woman Brutally After She Jumps On The Roof Of His Car!!

The Tweet got the attention of the viewers and bagged over 16,000 likes and 4000 retweets. An individual claimed that they found her with the cops near the incident area. The netizens took this matter as a joke and passed some hilarious comments. An individual commented that maybe the lady was making videos for TikTok. While some were seriously accusing the lady of his behavior and stated that even if she is influenced by drugs, she has no way to escape. 

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