Man gives back the gift of music and reunites with his former teacher who has dementia

A general manager at a care home gave the gift of music to his caregivers “inspiring”A former teacher who is now living with dementia.

Neil Gandecha, 40, was reunited with 83-year-old David Brown, who became a resident at the care home he is the general manager of – Foxholes Care Home in Hitchin, Hertfordshire – in 2021, after Mr Brown was diagnosed with dementia in March 2020.

Mr Brown previously taught Mr Gandecha English and French at the town’s Kingshott School and was cited as being “an inspiring figure”His career advancement.

Despite being the head of English at the school, the retired teacher has always had a love of music, in particular the violin, which Mr Gandecha has helped to bring to life again through dementia therapy tools and a reunion with a fellow musical friend, Kingshott School’s head of music, Alison Eales.

Woman and man playing music togetherDavid Brown playing the violin, Alison Eales playing piano (Foxholes Care Home/PA).

For Mr Brown, the meeting triggered memories of his playing with Miss Eales in the past. This led him to doing. “something he hadn’t been able to do in years” – play an “unforgettable”A beautiful rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s song “When The Saints Go Marching in”

“To see Mr Brown and Miss Eales reconnect over lunch and perform a rendition together, especially from a former pupil’s perspective, was a proud moment for me and my sister – who also works at Foxholes,” Mr Gandecha said.

It was a wonderful way to pay back our teachers, and it brought us joy and a moment of reminiscence.

Neil Gandecha

“To pay back our teachers a little, with a moment of reminiscence and happiness, was unforgettable.

“Mr Brown, who is now insistent that I call him David, played the violin as beautifully as I remember when I was just 10 years old!”

He also hoped the story would be remembered. “remind people that friendships can blossom and withstand the test of time at any age, any time, and anywhere”.

You can find more information about Foxholes Care Home here.

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