Major WhatsApp update makes group chats more secure – how can you get it?

WHATSAPP announced Thursday that they have made major changes to group chats.

The messaging app has introduced Communities. These are groups with large numbers that include WhatsApp group chats.

WhatsApp is rolling out Communities worldwide


WhatsApp is rolling out communities worldwideCredit: WhatsApp

They allow people to unite different groups under one umbrella to make them more organized.

If you have several group chats related to your family or the sports team you play for you can make them into a new community.

Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta), which owns WhatsApp said that the feature provides a new way to organize groups.

Zuck said: “Communities makes groups better by enabling sub-groups, multiple threads, announcement channels, and more.”

Meta-owned’s app is very popular with groups.

But having multiple Groups can sometimes be chaotic – and hard to keep track of.

Communities aims to make this process easier and has been in development for months.

Each Community is a giant. “group”For existing WhatsApp Groups.

WhatsApp Communities allows users to send updates to their whole Community with one message, according to WhatsApp.

It is also easier to organize smaller discussion groups within a WhatsApp Group.

Administrators will also have new tools that can be used to power communities. These include announcement messages that will be sent to all members and the ability to control which groups are included.

WhatsApp Communities was launched on Thursday. The feature will be made available to all users over the next few weeks.

The chat app will also allow users to create and vote in polls.

It is also increasing the number of participants in video calls to 32.

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Major WhatsApp update makes group chats more secure - how can you get it?

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