Maddie Brown With Cutest Helper For Weekend Project!

Weekends are the best time to complete those long-awaited home projects. Sister WivesMaddie Brown Brush, star of Maddie Brush, shared her latest home renovation project. Evie K., her adorable little assistant, made sure she looked cute even though she did very little work. Continue reading to find out what Maddie did around her house and the adorable assistant she hired.

Maddie Brown Brush recently purchased a home in North Carolina 

Maddie Brown Brush lives in North Carolina for a long time. She moved out of her home. Sister WivesShe moved away from her family in Arizona to start her own journey. Maddie shared the big news with her Instagram followers recently. Her family of four bought their first North Carolina home. Evie K. and Axel are her children. They share a husband Caleb Brush.

The Sister WivesStar opened her home for half-sister Ysabel brown. Christine’s daughter Ysabel is living with Maddie in North Carolina while attending college. Christine traveled from Arizona to the east coast in order to assist Ysabel with her move.

The Latest Home Improvement Project Reveals Unsightly Landscaping

A new home requires a lot more remodeling and improvements. Maddie Brown has yet to share the changes she’s made inside her new home. But she was open to sharing the changes that she’s made in her new home. Instagram Stories to tell about a significant change in your backyard. The ‘before photo: A huge shrub occupies a large portion of the lawn.

Maddie revealed that her weekend project was to remove the eyesore. The ‘after picture shows a beautiful lawn with lush flowers.

Maddie Brown Brush didn’t complete the task alone. She was aided by the most adorable person.

Evie K. Apprentices is a sweet helper

Caleb Brown might have been involved in the landscaping, but Evie K. deserves all the credit. Maddie shared this adorable picture of Evie K. getting ready to assist with the enormous undertaking. Evie isn’t exactly dressed for the job, wearing a yellow sundress and pink shoes. She does have safety glasses, however.

Maddie Brown Brush actually jokes about Evie K. because she wanted to help her get her safety glasses. See the adorable pic of Maddie’s little helper:

Doesn’t Evie K. look the cutest in her glasses? Safety first, fashion last! Let us know your thoughts about Maddie Brown’s cutest helper!

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