Lucifer Season 6 Final Season Final Episodes Season 1 Character Returns!

Lucifer Season 6 welcomes back Season 1’s friendly face in a charming callback. Although this cameo was teased in the teaser trailer for Netflix’s final season, it was still enjoyable to view it in full context when the new episodes dropped on Friday. It also helped to set some themes for Season 6. Spoilers ahead Lucifer Season 6.

The very first scene of Season 6. Officer Diggs Matt Corby portrays the character of. Although the name of this character might not be familiar, he was in an important scene. Diggs is the police officer we meet in the very first episode’s first scene (“Pilot”. Lucifer, a 1962 C1 Corvette driver, is being pulled over by the cop. We first see Lucifer’s swagger. His confidence and mystical abilities are evident in this scene.

Lucifer Season 6 Final Season Final Episodes Season 1 Character Returns!

“Well obviously you felt the need to exercise your limited powers and punish me for ignoring the speed limit, “Lucifer tells the cop. “It’s OK, I understand. You see I like to punish people, too, to at least, I used to.”Lucifer demands that Officer Diggs confess his sins and accept a bribe.

Season 6, Episode 1, (“Nothing Ever Changes Around Here”), Officer Diggs pulls over our devil-turned-God-to-be again. Lucifer, once more distracted by his new role, takes a sip out of a flask. Officer Diggs and Lucifer recognize each other, and he thanks Lucifer for his ability to let go of his inhibitions during the last encounter. But he then reveals that the money he received for the bribe was spent on cocaine. This led to a career and personal problems. He then requests another bribe. Lucifer is grateful for the cop’s help, but he clearly sees that the cop was actually on a dangerous path. Lucifer is worried about his chances of ascending to God’s throne.

This was not the only callback scene that Season 6 fans will see. It’s a great season! You can read our thoughts here about the new season. You can watch the entire video Lucifer Netflix is now available. will continue to provide more information. Lucifer Coverage!

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