Love Island’s Tanyel Revan admits meeting her boyfriend before the show as she plans marriage and kids ‘by end of year’

Tanyel Revan, a star of the dating show LOVE Island, has revealed that she met her man before appearing on it.

Tanyel, 26, failed to find love in South Africa earlier this year, but told fans she’d found her soulmate just two months after landing back in the UK.

Tanyel Revan met her boyfriend before finding fame on Love Island


Tanyel Revan had a boyfriend long before she became famous on Love Island/@tanyelrevan
The star rose to fame on this year's South Africa series


South Africa’s star of the series this year has risen to fame@tanyelrevan

But it turns out they’d actually met several years before, and now plan on getting engaged and maybe even having kids in the not too distant future.

The reality star beauty said: “It’s all going so well. Love Island was the first time I met my boyfriend. We had a few dates before Love Island, but it wasn’t a great fit.

“We were really, really young and this was many years back and we hadn’t spoken for a few years and then when I came out of the villa I bumped into him on a night out in central London.

“We got talking and it just went from there. It’s like it all happened for a reason.”

Love Island's Tanyel reveals she’s found her ‘soulmate’ just 2 months after show
Inside Love Island star Tanyel Revan's amazing New York holiday

After a string of romantic getaways to places like Cannes and Dubai the couple could soon be making big strides in their relationship.

Tanyel hinted a proposal could be around the corner, adding: “We want to get a house together and get engaged soon.

“I don’t think there’s any chance he’d do it in front of my friends or family – he’s very private – but I want everyone to see it.

“I think it’ll happen abroad and we go away constantly and I don’t know when but I do really think it’ll be soon.”

Revan Hair owner and brunette beauty Revan also spoke about her future plans to have children.

“He’s very ready for kids and marriage,” Tanyel shared, adding: “I am so on board and I’m so homely in that sense. While I’m career-driven, I also desire a fulfilling family life.

“I’d prefer to be engaged before I’m pregnant but if it was down to me I’d be engaged by the end of this year.”

Back in April, Tanyel shared a stunning snap with her partner and called him her “soulmate.”

you two.”

While Liberty Poole added: “So happy for you.”

As another pal hinted the romance had been going on for some time, writing: “Yessss! Here he is… Love Love Love Power Couple.”

Tanyel entered the villa on day one as an original Islander, but was dumped 23 days later.

Tanyel didn’t have an easy journey on Love Island.

She coupled up with winner Kai Fagan on day one, but by day five wanted to explore her connection with Ron Hall.

Kai was interested in getting to know more girls, while she returned to Kai.

Tanyel recoupled AGAIN with Ron in a friendship couple.

But she was forced out after the Love Island’s boys were given all the power – and Ron, who many thought she really wanted a relationship with, did not save the London hair stylist.

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Kai chose to save Olivia, and the Tanyel was left standing alongside Ellie.

Ellie was saved by Jordan – after Olivia gave him a pep talk earlier in the day – leaving Tanyel saying her goodbyes.

Tanyel hinted kids and marriage could well be on the cards soon


Tanyel has hinted that marriage and children could be in the near future/@tanyelrevan
The stunning reality star failed to find love on the hit dating show


A stunning celebrity failed to find romance on the popular dating showRex

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