Love Island fans spot ‘secret feud’ and claim the villa is split after seeing ‘clue’ in last night’s show

LOVE Island viewers have noticed a new feud since Molly Marsh’s shocking return to Villa this week.

Molly’s lifeline was extended when she visited the villa a second, unexpected time.

Love Island fans have spotted a secret feud between Molly and the original girls


Love Island viewers have noticed a hidden feud between Molly, the original girls and Molly.Credit: Eroteme
Eagle-eyed viewers said the original girls seem distant with Molly


The original girls seemed distant to Molly, according to a viewer who was observant.Credit: Eroteme

After Kady McCermott stole Zach from her, the blonde beauty came back to retrieve him.

Zach chose to have a second relationship with Molly as an influencer. This left Kady on her own.

Observant viewers may have noted, however, that since Molly returned to the main villa the girls seem distant.

One fan wrote: “The ORIGINAL girls aren’t even hanging out with MOLLY.”

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One person wrote: “I’m sure they didn’t hang out with Molly before.” A third posted: “The girls aren’t talking to Molly.”

A person said: “Why is Molly excluded by some Islanders?”

Zach and Molly have continued where they left, telling Molly that he is fully committed to her.

Not all her co-stars welcomed her return. One Islander did not acknowledge her at first during their recoupling this week.

Whitney returned with Lochan to the restaurant and didn’t see Molly in her seat.

It was not hard for fans to notice the tension that existed between them.

One writer wrote:

Another posted: “Whitney’s reaction to seeing Molly,” with a string of laughing faces.

The third person added, “Wow Whitney it seems like you took a while to realise Molly is back.”

Fans were sure that Jess wasn’t happy Molly had returned!

Some people questioned Jess and her reaction to Molly, saying that she didn’t like it.

The writer wrote, “Molly is waiting for Catherine Kady Ella Whitney Jess Whitney Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kaday Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kadey Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Kady Ka, Kady Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, Whitney, Le

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A funny meme was posted by another user, showing a woman in anguish and posting: “Jess saw Molly Moo back”

Another said: “Whit’s and Jess’ reactions when they saw Molly had me.”

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