Love Island Fans are certain that the producers have kept one couple from screen so they can make it to the final.

LOVE Island’s fans believe that the producers keep a couple off the screen to ensure their place in final.

Molly and Zac have been reunited on Casa Amor. However, they are rarely seen since.

Fans are convinced Love Island couple Molly and Zach are being kept off screen


Love Island Molly Zach is not being aired, according to fansITV
Viewers think producers want Molly and her man to make it to the final


The producers are reportedly hoping that Molly and Molly’s man make the final.ITV
Zach reunited with Molly after she was brought back onto the show during Casa Amor


Zach was reunited Molly with her after being brought back on the show Casa AmorITV

Molly and Zach first paired up on Love Island. She was then dumped.

Zac began to get to know Kady.

The return of Molly to Casa Amor by Love Island’s bosses left viewers enraged. They even complained about it to the television regulator Ofcom.

Zac then turned away from Kady after the challenge ended and began a new relationship with Molly.

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Fans are now convinced that producers keep them off-screen so viewers won’t dump them.

The viewers speculate that by giving the contestants less airtime, this will ensure their spot in the Love Island finale.

Taking to Twitter one fan vented: “Catching up with Love Island and where have Molly and Zac gone🤣.”

The other said, “They don’t even show Molly and Zac talking together or having any drama.”

Another tweeted: “Zac and Molly went from having so much screen time to none at all … interesting!”

Fans accused the show earlier in the week of being “fixed” after Moly and Zac were voted out by the public.

Viewers spoke out in fury after after Catherine and Elom were booted out, followed by Leah and Montel,

Kady and Ouzy, and Jess and Sammy were also up for the chop, but made it through.

Many viewers wondered why Molly & Zac weren’t in the bottom 3.

Taking to TwitterThe person who fumed said: “Can the people that support Molly Zach show themselves because they math with public finances isn’t working. opinion Presents itself as opposed to the result.

“If they won it, I was sure that there had been a fix.”

A second person commented: “Booo, molly and Zach should have had been in the bottom rather than kady or ouzy.”

A third said: “How were molly and zach not in the bottom…?”

And someone else added: “Who’s voting for Molly and Zach please?”

Molly’s temper flared up with Kady this week after Kady, the Love Island 2016 star, made an official announcement.

Kady said everyone should raise a drink to Molly & Zach, for being “closed-off”.

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Zach’s quiet admission to his friends that he did not remember agreeing on her relationship status was not helping Molly.

  • Love Island will continue on ITV2/ ITVX on Sunday, 9pm.

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