Love and Thunder’s shocking post-credits scene cameo just leaked


One of the greatest things about Thor: Love and ThunderThe good news is that the plot, scenes after credits and other surprises didn’t leak fully months before the premiere. Instead, spoiler fans only got these details in the past few days from people who attended the film’s red carpet premiere.

Since then, we have witnessed Love and Thunder’sFull plot leak, including post-credits scenes. Even the plot leaks were blunt and stayed to the main events. We were not given actual clips, but only written descriptions of the scenes after credits.

However, a video of one of the post-credits has now been released online. We can confirm that this was one of the greatest cameos. Thor: Love and Thunder. Of course! You will find big spoilers below. You should not be surprised if you want to be. Love and ThunderThis week’s reports

The scenes that follow the credits

Thor: Love and ThunderAccording to recent leaks, there will be two scenes after credits. One of the leaks even teased the surprise scenes. Let’s revisit them:

-Hercules is the first post credit scene. Zeus sends Hercules [Brett] Goldstein) to kill Thor (who is with Gorr’s daughter now). Hercules wears almost nothing and has one line. This scene sets the stage for a sequel.

-The second scene features Heimdall in white and gray robes welcoming Jane to Valhalla.

Heimdall as played in the previous by IdrisElba Thor Avengersmovies, immediately stands out. He died in Infinity WarSo his reappearance signalizes the possibility that he will be resurrected down the road.

The Zeus scene has been leaked and the Hercules detail becomes even more intriguing. That’s because we can finally see the actor playing Hercules, and it’s quite an exciting development.

A surprised and excited Thor (Chris Hemsworth) foolishly believing he can get Mjolnir back.
Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a surprised and excited Thor, foolishly believes he can get Mjolnir’s back.

Thor: Love and ThunderSurprise cameo confirmed

Brett Goldstein is famous for his Roy Kent role in Apple TV’s critically acclaimed Ted Lasso show. We hope that the actor brings the same intensity to Hercules’ role in the MCU.

That’s because the first Thor: Love and ThunderSocial media leaks the post-credits scene, confirmating this incredible cameo.

The scene after credits is, as we have already explained, a dialogue between Zeus and Hercules. Redditors Have been transcribedThe exchange works like this:

Zeus: They beg you for mercy without ever knowing if you’re listening. Now, they look to the sky – they don’t ask us for lightning, they don’t ask us for rain. They are just looking to see one of their supposed super heroes. What happened to us? No…no, they will fear us again when [inaudible]It falls from the heavens.

Do you think you can understand me, Hercules. Do you get me, my son?

Hercules: [stands from kneeling position]: Yes, Father. [swings golden mace into his hand as he poses]

For most of the scene, Goldstein is invisible. The camera focuses on Russell Crowe’s mobster-like monologue before revealing the cameo surprise. It feels as though Zeus is a bad character in this movie. However, we were relieved to see that he survived.

What’s important here is that Goldstein is playing Hercules in Thor: Love and ThunderJust as rumors had suggested. He could be soon going after Thor (Chris Hemsworth), which would be an extraordinary move. Thor 5 movie.

Zeus (Russell Crowe) holding a thunderbolt weapon in his right hand in teaser trailer.
In teaser trailer, Zeus (Russell Crowe), holds a thunderbolt weapon in one of his right hands. Image source: Marvel Studios

Watch the leaked scene from the post-credits

With that in mind, we can’t wonder what Ted LassoActor will make a cameo in the MCU’s post-credits scenes. Cristo Fernandez, the TV star who plays Dany Rojas, was seen on TV. There’s no way home post-credits. Perhaps Nick Mohammed should be next. He could become a true villain this way.

That said, we won’t show you this Thor: Love and Thunder cameo. You can still find the post credits scene on social media exactly where it is supposed to be. The videos are often deleted quickly.

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