Los Angeles Fire Fighters Rescue Baby Owl That Fell From Nest

The Los Angeles Fire Department wants you to know that it really does give a hoot when it comes to wildlife.

A rescue unit was dispatched this week to a Woodland Hills home. What needed rescuing? A baby owl that had taken a header from a roof nest, stranding the tiny bird far from its watchful mama.

The fire department posted adorable photos of probationary firefighter Hailey Denny scooping up the fluffy, white owlet and climbing a ladder to gently place it back in its nest.

The string of photos also featured a snap of the mother looking quite puzzled at the intruder approaching her nest.

Los Angeles Fire Department

“Most firefighters are not experts at owl facial expressions, but we assume the last photo is parent owl’s ‘thankfulness’ face,” the department wrote on its Instagram post.

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